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Top Metaverse Courses Online 2022

In recent years, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have referred to these online, permanent virtual worlds as the “metaverse.” The term is now popular when referring to these virtual worlds that many think will usher in the next phase of the internet’s development.

As of now, it is difficult to predict precisely what will be included, but it is clear that more people spend time online, and they are always looking for new engaging, and experiential methods to do so.

There has been a surge in virtual land prices on metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and Sandbox as big names flock to them. In 2021, sales of virtual land surpassed $500 million. This means there will be greater demand for metaverse engineers, architects, visionaries, and marketers. They are the ones who will build whatever it becomes in the end!

Getting started in the metaverse is easier than ever, thanks to various online tools that help you get started with little or no cost. For those interested in building our brave new digital world, these courses can be of interest:

1. Metaverse Masterclass: Learn Everything About the Metaverse

The Metaverse Masterclass course is one of the most popular Metaverse courses on Udemy (see website). All essential knowledge about the Metaverse will be provided, and misconceptions will be dispelled throughout the course.

The basics and methods for how NFTs may unleash the power of the Metaverse will be taught to you as soon as you join. The next step is to explore the many forms and interfaces of the Metaverse. During the course, learners will learn about Blockchain Protocols, NFTs as assets, cryptocurrency, and operating in the Metaverse.

In addition to covering the fundamentals, the Metaverse course explores how blockchains and web3 are changing the internet, how they impact the various sectors (fashion, banking, architecture, etc.), as well as how the Metaverse relates to VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

You will also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make profitable investments in the Metaverse. This is a great online course for novices in the metaverse.


Level: Beginners

Instructor: Henrique Centieiro

Platform: Udemy

Course Duration: 33 lectures, 3 hours of video

Rating: 4.5 

Cost: Starting from $11.99

2. Certified Metaverse Expert (CMP) 

Interested in learning more about Metaverse infrastructure, wanting to know what advantages it provides, and curious about best business practices, then Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP) is the course for you.

After completing this course, you will have acquired a deeper understanding of the Metaverse’s methods. You will learn the basics of blockchain technology and make investments in the Metaverse through an overview of eight modules, excluding the introductory lesson and the certification test.

During the foundational module, you will learn about blockchain, how it differs from Bitcoin, and smart contracts. A few use cases of NFTs in the Metaverse will be discussed next, as well as how to use them as a marketing tool.

Once the core Metaverse courses have been completed, learners will need to devote serious time and effort to the technology aspect. Among the topics discussed in this article are VR and the Metaverse, gaming, Web3, land layer, and more. 

Aside from educating learners on investing wisely, how to generate money in the Metaverse, and various other related topics, learners will also learn how to generate money in the Metaverse.


Level: Beginners with some experience

Instructor: 101 Blockchains

Platform: 101 Blockchains

Course Duration: Four weeks. 3–4 hours each week 

Rating: 4.9

Cost: Starting from $399

3. Certified Mixed Reality Expert

Metaverse’s Certified Mixed Reality Expert training course (see website) is a challenging, self-paced course. A mixed reality study will look at how virtual reality is affected by mixed reality. The purpose of using AR, VR, and MR is to simplify the processes of developing these technologies, the architecture behind them, and how they can be utilized.

As part of your learning process, you will take comprehensive courses to help you better understand key concepts, such as mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), extended reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR). In addition, the course will provide learners with an overview of augmented reality (AR) technology and basic terms like Vuforia Engine, Google ARCore, Google ARCore, etc.

Learners will explore AR/VR technologies and programming languages in the following lessons. Several languages are suitable for a variety of interfaces that you will learn here.

The final module deals with MR technology and kits. An extensive amount of technology instruction is included in this curriculum. There are many usage scenarios at the end of the session, which is a blessing. Learners are also given a glimpse into the future of MR to help them better understand all they have learned so far.


Level: professionals and businesspeople

Instructor: Blockchain Council

Platform: Blockchain Council

Course Duration: 4 hours

Rating: 4.7

Cost: Starting from $149

4. Metaverse Fundamentals

The Metaverse Fundamentals course introduces the Metaverse and its supportive environment at a beginner level. However, this training will benefit those who want to influence good change in their organizations. That includes senior executives, decision-makers, CIOs, and IT managers.

The course will begin with a comprehensive, in-depth discussion of the Metaverse architecture and its essential components. Later in the program, we will discuss the use of NFTs, blockchain interactions, and Metaverse initiatives in detail.

In addition to learning about land ownership in the Metaverse and connections between DeFi, gaming, and the Metaverse, you will also explore the numerous applications in virtual worlds. By the end of this online Metaverse course, you will have a thorough understanding of Web3 fundamentals through the use of several case studies and applications.


Level: Beginners

Instructor: 101 Blockchains

Platform: 101 Blockchains 

Course Duration: 3 hours

Rating: 4.7

Cost: Starting from $25

5. Certified Metaverse Expert 

Certified Metaverse Expert is a beginner-level Metaverse training offered by Blockchain Council. In addition to imparting crucial knowledge, the course gives learners a glimpse of what lies ahead. An important objective is to understand how we might engage with this virtual world as part of our work or as part of our play.

During the first lesson, you learn about the history and key terminology of the Metaverse. Once you have mastered the first steps, you will discover how VR, AR, MR, and ER interact with this virtual world.

The learners will undertake in-depth explorations of blockchain history, smart contracts, and the importance of decentralization in the Metaverse. Furthermore, you will gain a deeper understanding of tokenomics and NFTs and how they function in the Metaverse.

The third and final lesson will introduce NFT newcomers to some of the essential Metaverse tools. Following this will be case studies that explore how the Metaverse continues to affect different sectors. This is one of the top Metaverse courses available online if you are interested in learning more about the financial and economic prospects of web3.


Level: Beginners and Entrepreneurs

Instructor: Blockchain Council

Platform: Blockchain Council

Course Duration: 5 hours

Rating: 4.8

Cost: Starting from $149

Final Words

Those are the top online Metaverse courses for beginners and intermediates. There is a growing interest in the Metaverse every day because it is a relatively new phenomenon.

The complexity of this virtual world makes a single course impossible to cover everything. Learners’ individual interests and requirements will determine the optimal Metaverse course.