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Why This Altcoin Could Give You More Than 100x The Returns Of XRP and ICP This Year

Ripple and Internet Computer are two tokens that have joined the ongoing market recovery after a bearish period. However, Pullix has entered the market and is tipped as the best crypto to give 100x gains over Ripple and Internet Computer. 

Ripple (XRP) Ignites Rally on the Weekly Chart

Ripple (XRP), the remittance token, has woken up from its bearish phase and is up on the charts. According to CoinMarketCap, Ripple price has increased 3.7% in the past week. 

The token soared from a weekly low of $0.4995 and then peaked at $0.5264. This price recovery pushed the Ripple coin 0.6% on the 2 week price charts.

Despite this price recovery, Raffay Alvi, crypto educator, analyst and host of The Crypto Network, took a jab at Ripple XRP. The crypto analyst referred to the altcoin as “hot garbage.” This criticism is not new, as Ripple has fallen short of investors’ expectations in the past year.

Still, top members of the XRP community believe that Ripple coin will rally to new highs during the upcoming crypto bull run. One such individual is Egrag Crypto, who has predicted a 500% increase in the price of Ripple. 

Internet Protocol (ICP) Price Forecast 

Apart from Ripple, Raffay Alvi also criticized Internet Protocol (ICP). He argued that the altcoin will never give 100x gains. 

At the moment, Internet Computer coin is trading at the $11.85 – $13.58 price level on the weekly chart. Its price has surged 1.5% and 8.6% on the weekly and 2 weeks price charts, respectively.

In addition, the token is up 129.0% on the year-to-date price chart. The altcoin has formed a major support at the $12 price level and has a low chance of falling below except for market sentiment shifts.

Currently, bulls are aiming for the $15 price mark but would have to battle resistance at the $14 price level. Analysts have forecasted a potential rally to the $17.90 price mark.

Pullix (PLX) To Surpass Ripple and Internet Computer

While Ripple and Internet Computer are up on the price charts, analysts have advised investors to turn to Pullix (PLX), a project in its crypto ICO stage. Pullix (PLX) has captured the spotlight, pumping 150% to $0.10 in less than three months. As a result, industry analysts call it the best coin to invest in.

According to analysts, Pullix could give 100x more ROI than Ripple and Internet Computer. One major catalyst that will foster such a rally is its exchange launch in the next 70 days. Also, its unique platform offers investors access to more financial markets and other features. 

Pullix stands out as the first hybrid exchange in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector with its rapid transactions and wide array of assets available for trading.

While the likes of OKX simply handles cryptocurre­ncy trades, Pullix goes beyond. It offers commodities and forex trading. Pullix aims to make trading le­ss complex. Its focus is keeping e­verything secure, prote­cting user info, and making procedures, like KYC, easier and quicker.

Pe­ople find Pullix attractive for these reasons. It’s a smooth, straightforward trading platform. But to get these­ benefits, you need to have PLX, Pullix’s own token. That’s why many view it as the best crypto within the crypto exchange space.

In response to the issues of security affecting exchanges, Pullix is committed to establishing a secure environment that will protect investors’ assets. As a result, Pullix’s smart contract has received a thorough audit from InterFi Network during its crypto ICO. Also, the platform’s KYC processes are validated by the BlockAudit team, ensuring a secure trading environment.

Final Words

With its special features and impending launch in 70 days, Pullix is expected to grow 100 times by 2024. This puts it ahead of Ripple and Internet Computer as the best coin to invest in for highest returns for this year’s bull market.

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