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Step Into the Exciting World on Twitch: Where Goblintown NFT Art Transforms Gaming Bliss

A new game launched by Twitch called Only Up is gaining a lot of attraction from viewers. It has introduced an exceptional concept in the field of gaming. There is a lot of positive and negative reviews on the gaming streaming platform Steam.

Key Points.

  • “Only Up,” developed by SCKR Games, offers a unique 3D experience inspired by “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
  • The game integrates Goblintown’s NFT artwork, adding intrigue and using its open-source nature.
  • Despite mixed reviews, “Only Up” attracts large Twitch audiences, with a peak of 109,000 viewers.
  • Goblintown, the NFT in the game, emerged during an NFT market slump and made $101 million in trade.

Popular video streaming platform Twitch has come up with a new indie game called “Only Up” which is getting popular. This is unusual because well-known titles like League of Legends and Valorant dominate the platform. Developed by SCKR Games, “Only Up” is a PC game that has been gaining significant attention in the last few days.

A Thrilling Experience to Gamers

“Only Up” is an indie game on Twitch that takes inspiration from the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” It offers players a unique 3D experience where they ascend upwards through a series of surreal environments. These environments are filled with peculiar and whimsical elements, creating an intriguing and captivating gameplay experience.

What makes “Only Up” even more interesting is its integration of artwork from a notable NFT project. The game’s utilization of these digital assets adds an extra layer of curiosity to the experience. As players explore the game’s fantastical landscapes, they will also encounter striking artwork from this NFT project.

The reviews of “Only Up” among players on the leading PC marketplace, Steam, has been a mix of positive and negative feedback. Many players have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s controls and awkward physics. But, “Only Up” has been a beloved choice among Twitch streamers. These streamers are attracting large audiences, numbering in lakhs, as they struggle through the game’s challenging ascent

Large Number of Viewers Attracted

On Wednesday night, “Only Up” achieved a new peak in popularity on Twitch, with over 109,000 viewers in total. Popular streamers such as Agent00 and Mizkif contributed to this achievement, each attracting around 20,000 viewers to their respective streams. This afternoon, “Only Up” had a viewership of 97,000 total viewers, putting its position among the top 10 most-viewed games on the platform.

Along the journey of “Only Up,” viewers familiar with the Web3 world may stumble upon an unexpected sight: a considerable amount of Goblintown artwork and logos enhancing the game’s world. , the character’s clothing features a Goblintown creature face on the back, while a logo from the Goblintown project is seen on their t-shirt.

Goblintown, a free mint NFT project, emerged during a slump in the NFT market, generating over $101 million in secondary trading volume. It needs to be clarified if Goblintown’s creator collaborated with SCKR Games for the game. The open-source nature of Goblintown’s artwork allows its usage in commercial projects. The official Goblintown Twitter account acknowledges the game, expressing gratitude to SCKR Games.

End Note

Twitch’s new indie game “Only Up” is gaining popularity among viewers on the platform. Developed by SCKR Games, the game offers a surreal 3D world inspired by “Jack and the Beanstalk.” What sets it apart is the integration of artwork from a notable NFT project called Goblintown, adding an extra layer of intrigue. While reviews on Steam are mixed, Twitch streamers are attracting large audiences, making “Only Up” one of the top-viewed games on the platform.