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Music NFT Platform Integrates with Ethereum Layer-2 Optimism

Music NFT platform integrates with Ethereum's Optimism Layer-2 solution, improving its marketplace and paying homage to Vitalik Buterin.

Key Points:

  • Music NFT platform announces integration with Ethereum Layer-2 solution, Optimism.
  • A unique track “V-Buterin” is unveiled, paying homage to Ethereum’s creator.
  • More than 27,000 free NFTs of the tribute song have been minted.
  • Integration is expected to minimize fees and ensure direct artist revenue.
  • Move garners praise from industry influencers and community members. Adopts Optimism

In an ambitious move to expand scalability and compatibility beyond the Ethereum mainnet,, a dynamic music NFT platform, has announced its support for Ethereum’s Layer-2 solution, Optimism. This strategic integration aims to cut down on fees and create a direct line of revenue for artists, thereby transforming the landscape of the blockchain-based music sales market.

An Ode to Vitalik Buterin

As part of this significant announcement, released a unique Eurodisco dance track, “V-Buterin.” The captivating song, inspired by Boney M’s 1978 classic “Rasputin,” chronicles the fascinating life journey of Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. Available for public purchase until June 19, the track has been a hit with over 27,000 free NFTs already minted and the minting process set to continue for another five days.

Reduced Fees and Direct Revenue – A Win for Artists

The decision to integrate with Optimism promises not only to slash transaction costs but also to provide a direct source of revenue for artists.’s steadfast commitment to the on-chain provenity of music NFTs ensures that collectors can actively support their favorite musicians. This new feature is expected to set the stage for additional benefits in the near future.

Praises and Predictions

This development has drawn the praise of high-profile figures, including Gigamesh, the reputed co-founder of, and Optimism’s co-founder, Ben Jones. The platform’s community has also been vocal in its excitement, eagerly anticipating how this strategic integration will transform the music landscape.

Is More Musical Homage on the Horizon?

As the “V-Buterin” track generates waves of interest, discussions about crafting similar tributes for other blockchain pioneers have begun to surface. Notably, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson has been named as a potential honoree. These speculations hint at the rapid evolution of music in the blockchain space.

End Note

With the adoption of Optimism, has taken a bold step toward a more scalable, artist-empowering blockchain music marketplace. By minimizing fees and offering direct revenue, artists are offered a more inclusive platform. The tribute to Vitalik Buterin encapsulates this spirit of innovation and progress, signaling an exciting future for music in the NFT space.

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