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Warner Bros to Release 1978 Superman Movie NFT Collection

Warner Bros, the creator of famous movies like Superman, Batman and Interstellar has come with a new idea to launch the NFT collections of its 1978 Superman movie which was starred by Christopher Reeve. The collection will be launched in two tiers, the Standard Edition will cost $30 whereas the Premium Edition is priced at $100 and it will include three versions.

A New Concept for the First Time

The tokens will be made available for a short period of time ranging from June 9th to June 16th. Enthusiasts have the option to purchase the tokens with cryptocurrency as well as credit card but first of all, it is mandatory to create Eluvio NFT media wallet which will act as a digital vault enabling customers to stream their content.

Michelle Munson, the founder of Eluvio siad that the movie will be launched as a Web 3 film and digital collectible for the very first time.The Superman Web3 Movie Experience is a comprehensive NFT package featuring the highly anticipated film in 4K Ultra HD. It also includes additional content such as image galleries and artist renderings by renowned DC artists. 

The main aim of the studio is  to create enthusiasm among NFT enthusiasts and dedicated DC fans, generating revenue through initial sales and cultivating an active community of supporters with the possibility of future benefits. According to Eluvio, their blockchain infrastructure is more efficient than traditional streaming platforms because it reduces usage requirements and network storage. Also, it uses proof-of-authority consensus which is much better than proof-of-work in reducing energy consumption. 

Warner Bros will also airdrop free vouchers to all the collectors which they can redeem for the upcoming three Superman comics which will be launched on the DC NFT Marketplace.