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Wildchain Reveals the Savanna’s Wildlife-Conservation Genesis NFT Collection Auction

In an effort to protect endangered species and raise environmental consciousness, Wildchain is inaugurating the auctions for their Genesis NFT Collection: Rewilding Savanna. This event, set to commence on World Environment Day, June 5th, 2023, underscores the firm’s dedication to biodiversity conservation. 

The Adoption Center Sparks Interest

Wildchain’s marketplace, the Adoption Center, is all set to host the auction. Its predecessor was a monumental success, selling out all eight Genesis NFTs and attracting over 100 bids. The event was a milestone for Wildchain, as it significantly raised endangered species awareness. 

Carbon-Negative Blockchain Powering Conservation

With the innovative, carbon-negative blockchain Celo, the auction signifies a new era for Wildchain. Florian Rehm, the Executive Director at Wildchain, emphasizes the significance of this NFT collection. It encourages us to become custodians of our planet’s biodiversity.

The Rewilding Savanna Collection Launch Schedule

In the weeks following World Environment Day, Wildchain will release the remaining 17 wildlife NFTs from the Rewilding Savanna Collection. Enthusiasts can anticipate weekly drops of these unique Wildlife NFTs every Monday at 12 PM UTC.

More than Just an NFT Collection

The Rewilding Savanna Collection offers an array of utilities to the NFT owners. These include digital twinning, continual fundraising for conservation, gaming integration, and dynamic NFTs. By gamifying conservation, Wildchain creates an engaging way to support real-world conservation projects, donating 100% of its profits to these causes.

The Digital Conservation Movement

With Wildchain, anyone can contribute to the rewilding of our world. This unique project blends NFTs and conservation, transforming participants into virtual conservationists. 

The combination of blockchain technology, NFTs, and conservation brings a novel way to preserve the Earth’s biodiversity. With Wildchain leading this initiative, the future looks promising for both the NFT marketplace and our planet’s wildlife. Join the movement and play your part in rewilding the world.

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