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The Etihad Stadium Will Be Recreated In The Metaverse By Manchester City

It has been announced that Manchester City, the current Premier League champions, plans to build a football stadium in the Metaverse that will allow supporters from around the world to watch live games. There has been a lot of interest in the Metaverse, which has attracted the likes of singers, sports, fashion, and financial institutions.

It’s time for Manchester City to enter the realm of the metaverse!

The first football stadium in the Metaverse will be built in conjunction with Sony and its subsidiary, Hawk-Eye Technology, by Manchester City. The Etihad will be recreated in the Metaverse using analysis and skeletal tracking by Hawk-Eye.

For now, Manchester City’s goal is to transform the Etihad Stadium into a hub for City’s Metaverse activities, with officials predicting that a virtual Etihad might be full many times over in the near future, allowing supporters worldwide to visit their favourite team in virtual reality.

Fans Around the World Have a New Chance

To alter how fans interact with a club and a stadium in the future, Sony has already begun a digital mapping process. In addition to allowing fans to purchase digital assets and NFTs, the agreement may also improve fan interaction with athletes. As a result of this endeavour, Manchester City supporters can now watch their team play in their own stadium, right at home.

Is There a Risk to Broadcasting?

Football in the Metaverse could have substantial consequences for Premier League broadcasting rights distribution and the future success of Manchester City’s Metaverse endeavour. A broadcasting agreement between the Premier League and television networks is currently in place.

Clubs can broadcast their home games in the Metaverse, eliminating the need for broadcasters. In the future, teams may consider selling broadcasts directly to fans via the Metaverse. and City Deal

To give City supporters easier access to their fan token, Manchester City has just partnered with There are numerous ways in which the new $CITY token, a new fan token, will help the club’s fans engage with the club in a variety of ways.