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Sports Can Help Metaverse Retain Its Users

A lot of industries have entered the metaverse with the hopes of having a determining role and a positive effect. Various sectors are struggling to forge long-lasting relations with the audiences within the metaverse. However, most industries do a great job attracting audiences but fail to ensure they stay for an extended period. Consequently, sports has a huge fan base that is highly passionate about it. As a result, the sports industry can have the most success in this regard. 

The creative director of the Decentraland Foundation gave a statement about sports within the metaverse space. He shared his thoughts that sports will soon be an important sector within the metaverse in that statement. He believed that the change and the impact would be visible six months from today. Despite the metaverse being a newer concept, sports can be a natural fit in the virtual universe. The passionate audience is going to form a long-lasting relationship. Mix that up with the fantasy provided by the metaverse, and sports will likely become the most crucial sector in the metaverse.

The reason for the prediction is evident through the experience of the sports industry with cryptocurrencies. In January 2022, The NFT sales as a part of the NBA Top Shot grew by 72%. Consequently, the creator, namely Dapper Labs, is currently valued at $7.8 billion. The success of Dapper Labs is because it has been partnering with various significant sports leagues for quite a while now.

Decentraland is building a metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it also has a vital role to play in the development of virtual sports infrastructure. Accordingly, Decentraland has successfully sold 172 non-fungible tokens at an average price of $6100 during the past week. Despite the remarkable performance, only 1,200 active players are still on the platform. However, Decentraland’s executive director is adamant that the platform has become a beacon of hope to enhance their coin (altcoin), which has hit a downturn and will provide users with the experience they all yearn for. Decentraland and various other platforms have noted that a lot of such projects do a great job in merely attracting the audience. However, they also say that innovation within the sector is necessary to keep the audience with them for a longer span of time. 

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