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Japan’s Prime Minister Hints Crypto Tax Reforms

Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan, has recently stated the crypto industry and reforms. He indicated that he is open to reforming Japan’s much-maligned crypto tax laws. The primary motive behind the intention to introduce reforms is to enable the growth of Web 3 and all the relevant aspects. 

While giving an address to the parliament, Kishida opined that Web 3 has the potential to spark large-scale economic growth in Japan. Japan has been active in the crypto industry for a long time. Last month, the Japanese Prime Minister spoke to the British investors about Web 3 and talked about the concepts such as blockchain, metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Nevertheless, the government is immensely criticized for the policies within the crypto industry. Critics believe that the strict crypto tax policies are forcing the crypto-related business and the talent to go overseas. One of the most prominent opponents of governmental policies in this regard is Yuichiro Tamaki. Tamaki is the leader of the Democratic Party for the People. Recently he called for Tokyo to give more concessions in taxes, particularly for the domestic companies to hold or issue crypto-assets. 

Tamaki also stated that the government must only tax those companies and individuals whose profits (fiat) are realized. The prime minister replied, “We will consider this proposal carefully.” Upon raising the voice to introduce reforms within the crypto tax laws, the Prime Minister was highly positive in response to Tamaki’s concerns. Kishida stated that good tax policies would create many opportunities for the people of Japan. 

Actors and agents from within the ruling party of Japan are keen to amend the country’s tax codes. Subsequently, critics have reiterated that countries with massive influence over the crypto industry have advanced tax laws—such laws tax crypto earnings using capital gains tax protocols. Therefore, the Prime Minister has also discussed improving the environment to incorporate new digital services. He is optimistic that making certain adjustments and introducing better reforms will boost Japan’s economy. Moreover, foreign investment will also come alongside all those Japanese people who had started their crypto business overseas due to strict tax policies will return.