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South Korea Sends a Message to North Korea: No More Stealing!

South Korea is cracking down on some notorious North Korean hackers, slapping sanctions on individuals and groups who’ve been caught red-handed stealing cryptocurrency assets and orchestrating cyberattacks.

That’s right, the South Korean government is taking the first independent steps to curb these cybercrimes that they say are linked to funding North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. And they’re not messing around! Four North Korean computer programmers and seven entities connected to the top military intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, are facing the ban.

The sanctions include some big names like Park Jin-hyok and the Lazarus Group, but there’s a warning that they’re not the only targets being monitored by authorities. A Seoul official says they’re keeping a close eye on the situation but can’t give out too many details, as it goes against protocol.

Park is a notorious member of the Lazarus Group, which the US has linked to the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 and the attack on the blockchain network Ronin that powers the online game, Axe Infinity. Ronin claims that digital cash worth a whopping $615 million was stolen in the attack.


North Korea Put on Blast by Seoul as They Crack Down Threats!

North Korean individuals and groups are being put on blast by South Korea for stealing cryptocurrency assets and causing all sorts of trouble in the cyber realm. And guess what, they’re the first country to take the reins and crack down on these cyber villains.

But don’t worry, these sanctions won’t stop the fun for long. Seoul’s Foreign Ministry says that there are more big names and groups in the crosshairs of the authorities. So, hold on tight and watch the fireworks!

This time, the target is the top brass of North Korea’s military intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, and some of their top hackers. The ban makes it illegal for anyone to have financial transactions with these cyber troublemakers unless the authorities give their blessing in advance.

The South Korean Foreign Minister, Park Jin, is on a mission to strengthen ties with the US and identify any loopholes in the UN Security Council’s sanctions on North Korea.