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Pello Capital Makes Moves to Accept Fee Payments in Crypto

Pello Capital, the leading investment company, plans to accept cryptocurrency payments from corporate bodies. The investment capital has announced its plans to allow its listed corporate customers to pay their annual fees with cryptocurrency as an option.

This move by Pello Capital will make the company the first regulated financial institution that will extend the privilege of cryptocurrency payments to corporate bodies. The recent wave of cryptocurrency has mostly been targeting individuals. However, Pello Capital is also extending this service option to corporate organisations.

In the announcement made by the investment company, the company will provide the option of crypto payment to its registered publicly traded companies with the flexibility of more than seven digital currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT.

Customer Satisfaction over Profit

Along with the shift, Pello is introducing a free service that will allow consumers to split the cost of their yearly payments over 12 monthly instalments. This is the first step toward the investment bank’s objective of developing a structure that is far more adaptable and user-friendly than the present typical corporate broking experience. This service will be offered to existing and new listed clients in the United Kingdom over the next 30 days.

The Capital started in 2017 to prioritise the community they serve over profit margin instead of most of their rivals in the industry. The company’s competitive edge is to offer efficient financial services backed with technology while also ensuring the convenience and comfort of its customers. This has motivated the company to go the extra mile by enabling a crypto payment option.  

The MD of Pello Capital stated that the recent development is an exciting opportunity for both the Pello team the corporate customers. The launch of the crypto service is in tandem with the company’s objectives. It also facilitates better user-friendly products and services for corporate customers.

The Pello team is charting a pathway for its customers to access cryptocurrency safely. The investment company connects technology and customer service to deliver financial solutions to everyone, from novice investors to large institutions. Each consumer is treated uniquely by the investment firm, ensuring that they understand their unique investment demands.