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Tech Developers and Crypto Enthusiasts Converge at Indonesia’s Biggest Blockchain Conference

An international conference was organised by Everscale in commemoration of the second-year anniversary in Indonesia since the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference is reputable as the largest Indonesian crypto conference.

The theme of the conference was “EVERPOINT.” The participants at the conference fostered fruitful discussions, covering some of the most pressing issues in the crypto industry. Some of the discussions got into the future of DAOs and the potential behind CBDCs and the key future of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

For the past two years, there has been so much progress in the crypto industry in Indonesia. A proper structure and environment have been created for digital trading. Beyond that, legal solutions have been made available for various blockchain projects. At the moment, Indonesia has about 18 crypto exchanges, and with the looks of things and motion on the ground, there are still a number of crypto investment funds on their way.

The conference was graced by eminent industry leaders with a strong presence and representation from market players in Southeast Asia. Some of the speakers include the founder of Io, Aditya Uozumi; the CEO of; Andry Suhali; the CEO of Pi Union Capital; Kevin R. Smith, amongst others.

In recent times, the future of Indonesia in blockchain and cryptocurrency has been a common topic for discussion, and a good share of time was given to the discussion of that subject at the conference. The crypto ecosystem has been faced with constantly changing regulatory frameworks globally. To mitigate the effect of this, Indonesia is working to make for itself something that would work and make it a crypto haven.

There has been a considerable growth in the regulatory development in Indonesia, and this has helped to make crypto trading easier and safer. Besides being a financial instrument, it is interesting to see blockchain being a game-changer, even in other sectors. At the moment, blockchain is being integrated into other sectors like transportation, agriculture, real estate, and land management.

The speakers also touched on the ecological complications of Bitcoin, which is a challenge faced by the entire blockchain industry. One of the conference’s conclusions was the need to develop long-term and quick solutions in the face of technological advancement.