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Centre Names Rebecca Cohen as New General Counsel

The Centre, responsible for setting standards and regulations for blockchain-based financial services, has chosen Rebecca R. Cohen as its new General Counsel (GC). The Centre is a consortium founded by Circle Internet Financial, LLC and Coinbase Global, Inc. services,

The responsibilities of the newly appointed GC will include monitoring the consortium on legal strategy as it works to create industry-wide standards for the blockchain sector.

In reaction to her appointment, Rebecca Cohen expressed her excitement at the idea of working at the Centre. She also stated that emerging financial technologies have the potential to accelerate growth tremendously. However, due to the nature of the technology, it is critical to implement the appropriate controls to limit risk while allowing the public to fully benefit from the potential provided by these breakthroughs.

“Rebecca’s professional path has been steered by a consistent set of principles – inclusivity, creativity, and quality – that Center shares,” stated David Puth, CEO of Centre. “We are thrilled to have Rebecca join our team and look forward to utilising her ideas as we build guidelines to guide future blockchain innovation.”

Vast Experience of the GC

Rebecca Cohen is expected to come on board with vast skills to steer the consortium. She has fifteen years of expertise representing traditional financial institutions and cutting-edge emergent growth technology businesses in complicated cross-border restructuring, financing, and litigation problems. She formerly served as General Counsel and Associate General Counsel for Mark43 and Worldcoin, the digital currency system. Cohen also has a legal career history starting from obtaining her law degree at UCLA School of Law and worked in the corporate restructuring department of a top law firm.

Verite Project

It is expected that Cohen will also aid the advancement of the Centre’s recent project launch. The company launched the Verite project to empower individuals and businesses with direct control over how, when, and where their personal information is utilised while transacting in the cryptocurrency market.

The project collaborates on identification standards with founding members Burrata and Notabene and significant industry companies such as Block, FTX, Polygon, and MetaMask to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency payments and decentralised finance.