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Metacade, a P2E GameFi Project, has been Approved by CertiK

Metacade, a pioneering P2E GameFi project, revealed today that they had been certified by CertiK. CertiK is a security-focused platform that evaluates and monitors DeFi and blockchain projects. CertiK verification and approval imply that the code powering Metacade is extremely secure. It has been thoroughly reviewed for flaws.

Further, Certik has also completed a comprehensive KYC, background check, and video interview with the Metacade management staff. Metacade, the world’s first community-developed P2E blockchain arcade, has earned an astonishing $883k in less than three weeks, with their Beta Sale stage already 79% SOLD OUT.

CertiK’s cutting-edge solution employs audit methods and a mathematical technique to confirm a DeFi or blockchain project is performing as planned. The auditing business uses its formal verification engine to assess the code and specifications. A team of top engineers subsequently examines them.

Purpose of the Auditing

Metacade sought an assessment from CertiK to guarantee and strengthen the project’s strength and to demonstrate to its users that it can be completely trusted and depended on as a secure GameFi platform. CertiK audited and certified the Metacade smart contract, allowing it to be rated as a trustworthy project alongside Polygon, Aave, and Decentraland, to name a few of the many outstanding projects that have earned the CertiK seal of approval.

CertiK also performed a comprehensive KYC on the Metacade team. It was part of the audit to confirm people behind the Web3 metaverse arcade are legitimate. This identification check comprised a criminal background check, job history verification, and a video interview with each team member. CertiK has performed over 1,800 audits in the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. It is endorsed by key exchanges such as Binance and Huobi.

You can visit CertiK’s website to see companies audited by CertiK on the auditor’s scoreboard. It is a useful way to double-check whether your next investment is solid. Given that, CertiK leaderboard now includes Metacade too, where its audit findings are available.