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Knightsbridge pupils celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with NFT

The crypto industry keeps expanding. It is not just penetrating into different spheres of life but also carrying different age groups along. From inspiration drawn from the Everyday NFT digital mosaic of Beeple, a piece that sold for an outrageous sum of $69 million last year, Knightsbridge school has taken up the initiative to come up with something impressive too.

Funds for Charity’s sake

Practically all parties involved in the running of a school worked together and have now created a digitised portrait of ‘An Everyday Queen’ of her majesty. The pupils, teachers, and parents at the Knightsbridge school came up with this initiative so as to raise funds for three charities chosen by the school. The charities are: The Knightsbridge School Education Foundation (KSEF), The Royal Hospital Chelsea, and Place2Be. It is particularly interesting, as well as impressive, that they are doing this for charity.

According to information gathered, pupils created portraits of Her Majesty individually using whatever medium was convenient and suitable for them. The most used mediums are graffiti, paint, and watercolour. Using any of these mediums, pupils created the portrait and Alice McGilligan, the head of Art at Knightsbridge School, helped supervise it. Upon completion and submission from the pupils, the images were gathered and arranged into an NFT portrait, which is being auctioned at the moment. Bidding is set to close on Sunday, May 29th. Beyond the work from pupils and the teachers, the Parents’ Association will also be presenting a gift of a framed canvas of NFT to Her Majesty. This framed canvas comes with a signed card from staff, pupils, and parents at Knightsbridge.

Pupils’ active participation in NFT creation

In her comment on this special feat, Alice McGilligan, the school’s head of art, said the school is now a step forward by creating its first NFT ever. She stated, “This was such an exciting endeavour for the Knightsbridge school community to embark on.” It involved all of us, including our students, our staff, and our parents, to create Knightsbridge School’s first ever NFT.”