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Ad Astra Comes on Board with New Aim

The crypto industry, over time, has proved big and wide enough to take everyone and anyone. This has been confirmed as many platforms keep rising within the industry, with some even creating a niche for themselves. All of these start-ups as well as partnerships are helping the industry to ground and position itself well, contributing maximally to both the local and global economy.

A New Venture with a Niche Specialisation

A new startup has been launched, and I’m joining the thread. This start-up is named Ad Astra. Ad Astra has in its focus the speciality of bringing together artists, art collectors, and galleries, which have end-to-end NFT services. Ad Astra is taking the lead, being the first non-fungible token (NFT) agency to specialise in such. The company has it as its focus to break the limiting factors for enthusiasts who would like to trade NFTs but do not have the resources.

The company has different services in its features, each designed to suit individuals with no upfront costs. Some of the services include providing creative direction, digital artistry, minting services, legal contracts, marketing and sales, and education.

Not following the usual pattern as with many NFT marketplaces around, Ad Astra is not just a platform; it works with its clients to help sell their NFT in the most suitable way that supports and promotes the artwork.

Management team members

On the quality of the team members, which is actually very important for the running of the company and to earn trust from clients, every account is serviced by a qualified team with years of experience and expertise in Web 3 and also the traditional art world. One of the major members of the management team is the CEO and founder of Ad Astra, Emily Wigoder, who has a solid background and experience in Web3, art publishing, and NFTs. Also on the team are Simon Davenport QC, a trustee of the Contemporary Arts Society, Ray Kelvin and Phillip Hoffman, the former founder and CEO of Ted Baker and the founder of The Fine Art Group, respectively.

Speaking about the company, the founder of Ad Astra, Emily Wigoder, told TechRound that the company is willing and taking the lead to assist artists, art collectors, and galleries tap into the unlimited potential embedded in NFT. She said the company hopes to help break down barriers, of which resources are one. In her words, “We hope to facilitate the dismantling of these boundaries to allow traditional artists and galleries to flourish in Web3 and create NFTs that hold long-term value.”