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Guibert Engelbienne, Co-founder of Argentinian Tech Giant Globant Thinks Companies Should Take NFTs, Metaverse and Crypto More Seriously

Globant is a software development company based in Argentina. The company’s co-founder, Guibert Englebienne stated that all the companies should understand the benefits and the high potential the nascent technologies such as metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies are offering. Englebienne further explained that these new technologies will disrupt businesses as they are today, and it will take a lot of time to properly understand the effects these will have. 

The crypto sector is extending its roots to various companies including the tech sector. Companies and different industries are worried about the effects the crypto sector might have on their businesses. Engelbienne believes that the effect and the new nascent technology that is stemming from the amalgamation of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and metaverse must not be ignored. 

In an interview with a local media the co-founder at Globant opined that when almost all the organizations grow, they crystallize in that business model that has been favorable to the organization. He stated that the organizations develop a habit of that business model and consider it to be custom. However, when new technologies appear they start to generate disruption in the business. Therefore, dedicating ample time to understanding the new tech is essential for the business to grow. 

Englebienne seems to be a huge fan of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, and the elements the digital world has to offer. He explained his opinion about metaverse stating that the technology is legit. However, there is too much noise surrounding it. He added that all the air around it must be cleared to understand the potential and real uses of this new technology. 

Englebienne also has positive thoughts regarding the crypto sector, and also considers the new bear market to have a positive impact on the future of the sector. He opined that the recent downfall in the market is healthy to an extent. He believes that through these falls, the crypto landscape will be cleaned and solid value propositions would be separated from those that are mere speculations.

About bitcoin, he stated that bitcoin is good as a diversification strategy. He further stated that if someone understands the cryptocurrencies he can make a solid bet on it, but always in a reasonable way. 

About NFTs, he believes that NFTs lays the ground for innovative and interesting business models. However, he also believes that NFTs would have real potential instead of just using it as a part of euphoria.