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Goodbye, Huy Nguyen! Vietnam Blockchain Association’s Vice Chairman Exits with a Bang!

At February 14, 2023, Extraordinary Meeting, things got pretty wild when a vote was cast to kick out three members. Vice Chairman Huy Nguyen, Standing Committee Member Pham Minh Tri, and Executive Committee Member Pham Toan Thang were given the boot for being bad apples. They violated the Association’s Charter, spread false information that made the Association look bad, and well, let’s just say they weren’t exactly the best representatives of the VBA.

But let’s focus on the positive, shall we? The VBA is on a mission to create a secure, reliable, and high-quality environment for blockchain technologies in Vietnam. They want to build long-term relationships between Vietnamese blockchain talents and organizations from all over the world. And they’re doing some seriously cool stuff to make that happen.

The VBA is working hard to track system safety, make sure all information is secure, and start using cyber trust credentials. This is all about making sure everyone involved can trust the VBA online and know that everything is legit.


The Current Move of VBA!

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh recently chaired the Vietnam-Singapore Business Forum where 500 businesses from both countries got together to talk about investing, digital transformation, and green energy. 

But wait, it gets even better! On February 16, the Vietnam Blockchain Association representatives totally rocked an international exchange program by connecting with leaders from 19 tech-focused organizations, associations, and Hanoi businesses. They were like the social butterflies of the event, mingling with everyone and making connections like pros.

The VBA is on a super cool mission to gather up all the geniuses from the tech, legal, and financial worlds and make sure they’re playing by the rules. But they’re not stopping there, oh no! They’re also cooking up even more standards and best practices for the blockchain market to make sure no sneaky fraudsters get away with their shenanigans. With their top-notch fraud detection protocols and beefed-up cyber-security safeguards, they’re making Blockchain Layer One so solid, it could take on anything the world throws at it!