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Norwegian Police made a major victory by retrieving $5.9 million from a North Korean Hacker

North Korean hackers have become a headache for many nations. Over $3.8 billion was stolen by hackers last year, which was disastrous for the cryptocurrency market. 

As a result, the crypto market went through a bad phase and is still focusing on recovering from the losses. Nonetheless, despite losing such a significant sum, the police and authorities are still aggressively solving these theft cases. The most recent recovery is the best example of how committed the police are to solving these cyber crimes. Let us delve deeper into the matter to learn more about the case.\


What is the Case about?

Norwegian police have made a momentous stride in the fight against economic crimes, seizing an unprecedented $5.9 million worth of cryptocurrency linked to the APT38 and Lazarus Group’s last year’s heist of $600 million from Axie Infinity. This remarkable feat is one of Norwegian police’s largest recoveries ever recorded in Norway; a testament to their tenacity in uncovering digital misdeeds. Unwittingly utilized by this North Korean hacker group in their unscrupulous venture.

How did the Hacker Manage to Break into the System?

To break into the company’s ronin systems the hackers had posed as recruiters and used clever manipulation tactics to get the employee to open a suspicious PDF file on his official computer. 

This seemingly inoffensive move proved to be the thief’s golden ticket into the company’s ronin systems. However, after a thorough investigation, the police finally solved the case and successfully recovered most of the stolen funds. Yet it’s another reminder that even the most experienced personnel can be duped into becoming unwitting accomplices in cybercrime.