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AngelBlock: “AngelBlock: Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry with its Decentralized Fundraising Platform”

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, with new and innovative solutions emerging every day. However, the space still lacks a proper infrastructure for fundraising, leaving startups and investors vulnerable to rugpulls and security breaches. In 2021, the crypto community suffered a loss of 2.8 billion USD due to rugpulls, as reported by Chainalysis. AngelBlock aims to revolutionize the industry by creating a compliant, secure, and transparent fundraising platform.

AngelBlock is a decentralized, non-custodial fundraising platform built on the Ethereum protocol. It focuses on providing a safer and more secure fundraising experience for the wider crypto community, with a particular emphasis on the European and Asian markets, which have a more favorable regulatory environment for token-based fundraising. The platform implements MiCa/EU regulatory guidelines and incorporates milestone-based voting and reporting tools to ensure transparency and accountability.

AngelBlock’s key features include regulatory compliance validated through due diligence and KYC processes, milestone-based voting and reporting tools for startups and investors, a decentralized protocol incentivizing validators to perform due diligence and maintain governance, a supportive community through DAO formations and access to tools and infrastructure, and on-chain vesting, cap table management, and token distribution tools for a safer and more efficient fundraising experience.

Today only , AngelBlock will be conducting its TGE of its native Tholos Token ($THOL), which will be necessary to access the platform’s new private raise feature. The private raise feature will allow startups to conduct low-cost and secure fundraising using AngelBlock’s suite of tools and infrastructure.

AngelBlock has established partnerships with Blockworks, Charlie Shrem, and is finalizing a content creation partnership with advisor Nicholas Merten (Data Dash). The platform has already received support from key industry players, and with its regulatory-compliant approach and innovative features, it is poised to become the leading platform for decentralized fundraising in the crypto space.

Overall, AngelBlock  is set to revolutionize the crypto fundraising landscape, making it safer, more secure, and more transparent for both startups and investors. By providing a platform that prioritizes compliance and transparency, AngelBlock aims to build trust in the crypto industry and make fundraising more accessible to startups and projects.

As the crypto industry continues to grow, AngelBlock is well-positioned to lead the way in the decentralized fundraising space. The TGE of the Tholos Token Today is a key milestone for the platform and is expected to generate significant interest from the crypto community. With its innovative approach, AngelBlock is poised to become a leading player in the decentralized fundraising space and bring much-needed change to the crypto industry.