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Football star Daniel Alves to Launch Luxury watch NFT Collection

In the modern world football world, a new record is ready to be set as a launch of Luxury watches, and the NFT drop will commemorate the 43rd trophy of Daniel Alves. These trophies have been won meritoriously during a professional football career with six major football clubs.

The star player of the Barcelona football club, Daniel Alves, has been called recently for international duty on the national team of Brazil. He will be visiting Dubai on 28th June to launch the watch NFT collection at a nightlife joint called MetaTerrace.

As honor to his name and indeed for a robust career, British luxury watchmaker Backes & Strauss (B&S) has launched Alves Trophy Collection as part of its collections. The Alves trophy collection comprises forty–three exquisite timepieces.

In addition to this, the Luxury British watchmaker has now partnered with ColossalBit, the Dubai-based cryptocurrency consulting, advisory, design and development firm. Describing it, the Chief Executive Officer of Backes & Strauss, Vartkess Knadjian, described the project as a very special one; in her words, “This is one of the most exciting projects Backes & Strauss has ever embarked on,”

This collection celebrates every single trophy the star player has won in his football career that has spanned twenty-two years in six notable football clubs, starting with Bahia. He won his first major trophy in this football club, to Barcelona, Juventus and PSG and his national team, Brazil. In addition, he was part of the Brazil team in the Tokyo Olympics, where Brazil won gold.

It is interesting to know that with over forty-three (43) trophies, Alves surpasses the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Robert Lewandoski on this tally.

The NFT variants

The plan for the sales of Dani Alves’s NFT Watch Collection is to sell in three different category, each variant unique in its own way. The variants include the Premium, Fractionalised and Regular NFTs.

Premium – This confers the ownership of the physical watch on holders. The holders of the premium variant will be able to attend a physical event on the 28thg June where Dani Alves will be handing over the watch to the premium holders in person.

Fractionated NFT: In this variant, five out of the forty-three watches chosen by Daniel Alves will be sold in fractions. This will allow many fans to have a piece of the watch NFT rather than spending the cost of a full watch.

Normal NFT: Here, holders, fans and NFT collectors will be provided with exciting offers and benefits such as a signed T-shirt or ball by Daniel Alves.

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