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ExitLag: Don’t let lag get in the way of your games

Picture yourself in the middle of a very exciting game. Maybe you’re in a fight and shooting or slashing with your sword. Or perhaps it’s a sporting event. Think about how close you are to winning at whatever it is. Then, finally, you make the winning shot, but your game freezes for a moment, so your shot doesn’t happen right away but a few seconds later. Then you find out that your opponent shot first and lost because your game was slow.

Game lag occurs when the response of the game server delays players’ actions. These are one of the most frustrating things that a gamer may encounter, along with losing an internet connection. For example, regardless of which button you press first, the server won’t respond immediately if your game is slow, so your opponent has a much better chance of winning. And this does not only apply to gamers; lag can also ruin traders or even day-to-day activities such as a lag during a presentation can ruin your image in front of your bosses. 

So, what to do about it? With ExitLag, you can eliminate annoying lag and stay focused on your game without worrying about connection issues. 

The ExitLag Way

ExitLag is a proprietary technology that optimizes how data is routed by mapping out different routes instantly and sending the packet along the best one. If one route goes down, the others take over to stabilize the game connection.

ExitLag guarantees a stable connection with a system that optimizes a network of servers spread across all continents in real time. The software was made with one of the industry’s most complex and accurate algorithms. Its job is to figure out the best way to send data. You can always count on a support team to be there if you have any problems, and the ease of use speaks for itself. With ExitLag, you can step up your game today.

How does it Exit-Lag from your connection

Multipath Connection

Using a technology called Multipath Connection, which ExitLag only uses, connection packets are sent through different routes simultaneously. If one route breaks down, the other routes keep the connection going smoothly so that your data packets are always sent.

Worldwide Servers

ExitLag uses a network of servers spread across all continents to make connections from anywhere to anywhere as fast as possible. So, no one can cheat if their connection is slow, and you can be sure that the game is fair from anywhere in the world.

Feature You Should Know

FPS Boost

With this feature, non-essential OS features are turned off to accelerate your PC automatically and boost your FPS.

Real-time Optimization

Real-time searching for the best route means you’ll always be playing on the best route possible.

Multi-internet Connection

If a gamer has more than one way to connect to the internet, we make it possible for both of them to work simultaneously. This makes sure that the connection works well.

Setting up traffic

The game data traffic is prioritized so that your connection won’t be affected even when other devices are using the same bandwidth.

Want to get your hands on ExitLag?

Players can get a free three-day trial of the software by going to ExitLag’s website and creating an account by following the simple instructions. From there, players can play about any game they want without lag.

You can easily download the program:

  1. Visit
  2. You will need your e-mail address and password to join.
  3. Download ExitLag and install it
  4. Upon launching the program for the first time, you will have access to a free trial period of three days.

Is ExitLag Worth It?

Yes. Over 500 games are supported by ExitLag, including popular esports like VALORANT, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In addition, by optimizing gaming data flow, ExitLag ensures users experience little to no lag, even when sharing their connection with others.

After executing the program, your computer should function at peak efficiency. It means you won’t have to worry about lag affecting your shots and spend more time trying to win.