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ETHBarcelona Spotlights SolarPunk and LunarPunk in Revamped 2023 Conference and Hackathon

Barcelona, Spain – June 20, 2023 – ETHBarcelona, Spain’s premier Ethereum conference, is scheduled to take place from July 5 to July 7, 2023, followed by a highly-anticipated hackathon from July 7 to July 9. In a groundbreaking move, the event will unfold in a newly designed format, demonstrating a significant evolution from its traditional structure. 

The primary goal of this transformation is to stimulate and inspire a global audience of developers, sector specialists, and crypto enthusiasts through an atmosphere of dynamic engagement and interactive knowledge sharing. 

The current year’s focus for ETHBarcelona centers around the intriguing SolarPunk and LunarPunk movements, which imagine a reality where technology becomes a force for good, propelling the world forward in a responsible and ethical way.

ETHBarcelona’s founder, Manu Alzuru, who also co-founded DoinGud, articulates the ethos of the event: “The spirit of Web3 drew many of us with the promise of leveraging technology as an agent of constructive change. We at ETHBarcelona are committed to nurturing an ecosystem that endorses ethical instruments that preserve human freedom, sovereignty, and privacy. Our event transcends a conventional conference; it is an intellectual carnival, a commemoration of the limitless exchange of ideas.” 

Determined to exceed conventional ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ initiatives, ETHBarcelona advocates for a future where human existence and environmental harmony flourish side by side, all while confronting the grave threats of widespread surveillance.

In light of the LunarPunk emphasis on privacy, the event will highlight cutting-edge developments in Web3 and ZK technologies, particularly those pertinent to sustainable and secure systems.

Highly respected industry experts, such as Vlad Zamfir from Smart Transactions, Mario Havel of the Ethereum Foundation, and Miguel Piedrafita of Worldcoin, amongst others, will illuminate the ETHBarcelona stage with insightful discussions on the crossroads of blockchain, sustainability, privacy, and security.

In addition to the invigorating talks, absorbing panels, and immersive workshops, ETHBarcelona plans a range of activities to stimulate collective learning and cooperation. A vibrant festival setting will foster all-rounded intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth, with networking spaces and a hackathon facilitating meaningful relationships and innovative collaborations.

“We’re dedicated to fostering a comprehensive environment that cultivates the mind, body, and soul, unlike any other gathering in the Web3 realm. Our steadfast commitment is to a community that generates public goods and leaves a durable footprint on our shared path to a brighter future,” Manu Alzuru added. 

The anticipation surrounding ETHBarcelona rivals the success of its previous iteration, expecting around 2,200 participants eager to indulge in discovery, education, and collaboration. The event demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity and diversity with preliminary data suggesting that women comprise 50% of the speakers and 40% of the attendees, reinforcing the event’s mission to create a setting where diverse insights can contribute to shaping the technological landscape of tomorrow.

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About ETHBarcelona

ETHBarcelona is a fervently community-led initiative centered on the Ethereum blockchain, decentralization, and cryptocurrency. It serves as a platform that celebrates the community and its principles, prioritizing education, innovation, and art, and generating positive social impact. ETHBarcelona provides the tools necessary for individuals to deepen their understanding of blockchain technology, enabling them to develop projects that can influence societal change positively.

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