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Elon Musk announces plan to accept Dogecoin in SpaceX’s Merch store

Tesla founder and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk via his twitter account  announced plans to integrate dogecoin payment on SpaceX’s merch store. This follows Tesla’s addition of the historic meme coin as a payment option for its merchandise. Elon Musk’s appreciation for DogeCoin has been long running.The billionaire space explorer has voiced his support for the dog-themed meme coin countless times.

This announcement adds to the long history between Elon Musk and dogecoin, and cryptocurrency in general. In a tweet earlier same week, he tipped cryptocurrency over fiat currencies. According to Elon, cryptocurrency is a superior system to the older fiat economy. In the first quarter of 202, Tesla announced that it would accept bitcoin payment for its electric cars. Elon once teased a plan to “put a literal dogecoin in a literal moon”…we are yet to get any update as regards this anyways.

The American engineer appeared in a Sunday Night Live program in the third quarter of 2021 to discuss. He has maintained his enthusiasm and conviction that DogeCoin presents a more sustainable Economic system than bitcoin itself. 

DogeCoin spiked on the news as dogecoin investors are handed another means to exchange their coins for a real life commodity. When SpaceX’s merchandise goes live, dogecoin holders can now seamlessly swap their meme coins for spaceX branded products. Elon Musk’s constant shill of dogecoin is largely responsible for its famous rally in the first quarter of 2021, it has been a shadow of itself since then…thanks to the crypto winter.

Responding to Elon’s tweet about SpaceX accepting DogeCoin; a twitter user asked if DogeCoin will also be accepted for Starlink subscriptions, Elon Musk replied “One day”. If this becomes the reality, Elon could finally offer a proper irresistible use case for his beloved meme coin. Rest of the cryptocurrency community has reacted positively to this news as well.