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Binance is Set to Create Awareness About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in India.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, launched various educational efforts aimed at educating Indian investors. Binance wants to give broad access to blockchain and cryptocurrency education through three important educational projects.

At Binance, “we believe in financial independence through cryptocurrency adoption”, according to Leon Foong, Binance’s CEO of APAC. “This is a chance for us to play a role in teaching India’s future innovators and builders, particularly students, and equipping them with the necessary blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to pave the way to financial independence. We intend to provide incentives for users to conduct extensive research and make educated investment decisions by leveraging Binance’s academy material and learn and earn programme,” he said.

The exchange just launched its learn and earn programme on Binance academy, which rewards learners with bitcoin in return for learning about critical blockchain industry subjects. Additionally, it seeks to develop additional courses that will enable students to design their own professional and entrepreneurial prospects in the blockchain sector, therefore assisting the next generation in navigating the new Web3.0 and smart contract worlds. This initiative is regarded as one that will foster the interest of youngsters and various individuals in the moving train of technological advancement and equip them with the necessary skills.

Binance has recently launched the ‘Blockchain for Good’ ideation in partnership with the Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovation Centre (i4c) as a follow-up to the Binance Campus BUIDLers Program. The initiative will give an opportunity for students from various Indian universities to propose solutions for making the blockchain environment more inclusive and accessible. It also ensures that the younger generations are part of the solution makers through an inclusive blockchain environment.

Additionally, Binance has teamed with IIT Delhi as the title sponsor of their cultural festival Rendezvous, which will feature use cases for blockchain technology such as NFT tickets, certificates, fan tokens, and POAP. The firm is set to organise a webinar as part of the agreement themed; ‘Crypto for All’. The webinar will feature various financial influencers such as Aditya Saini, Neha Nagar, and Kashif Raza. Along with giving guests certificates printed by blockchain, chosen winners will receive Bitcoin and Binance Coin gifts (BNB).