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Coinbase Establishes a Think Tank to Aid in the Development of Cryptocurrency Policy

Coinbase, a crypto exchange giant, has recently set up a team of expatriates that can be devoted to studies and critical research around crypto policies. The newly formed committee planned to publish its findings on Web 3. Hermine Wong, who is Coinbase’s director of policy, was appointed to supervise and as the leader of the organisation. Wong’s Hermine has garnered sufficient years of enjoyment operating the American government.

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The activities of this think tank will be carried out by the research arm of Coinbase. This arm is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out extensive research. Highly rated academics and experts in the areas of law and finance from top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, John Hopkins, and Duke are expected to be integral members of the committee.

Coinbase is in a partnership deal with the University of Michigan.

As part of its dedication to thorough and relevant research, the cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has partnered with the University of Michigan to conduct an annual poll measuring crypto adoption and public opinion toward digital assets. The findings of the commitment will be drawn largely from the adoption of cryptography in the United States of America. The idea behind the inauguration of this research committee is necessitated by the fact that many countries are seeking measures to regulate the crypto sector within a legal framework. This is also why many organisations are being formed all over the world with the intention of sculpting globally ideal policies to control the cryptocurrency sector.

“The boom in digital currencies such as Bitcoin is one of the three main areas authorities are now focused on, alongside COVID-19 and climate change.” This was confirmed by the Chief of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

The OECD has reportedly drafted policies that guide worldwide tax establishments on how to distribute crypto-associated data among one another. It is also noteworthy that Coinbase is taking an expansive dive into the Web3 scene. This is why the crypto exchange is releasing functions that enable customers to gain access to Ethereum-primarily based dApps in the Coinbase app.