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BIG3 and MoonPay Enter into Partnership in Anticipation of the NFT Drop

BIG3, the popular basketball league, has announced its partnership with MoonPay, a top crypto payment platform, to facilitate the purchase of the league’s NFTs. Discord members will have access to the league NFTs on Saturday, May 07.

A total of 12,000 NFTs will be released, with each of the league’s twelve teams having 1000 NFTs each. The NFTs are available in two different options: the Fire option and the Gold option. There are 25 available fire options starting at $25,000 each, while the 975 Gold option will be sold at $5,000 each.

MoonPay will make payment easy.

MoonPay will be responsible for facilitating the payments for all the NFT purchases. This partnership will ease the process of NFT sales, especially for first-time buyers. The NFT sales will resume for the general public on Sunday.

The two companies have expressed their excitement about the collaboration and how it will facilitate a simpler payment system for the upcoming league NFT release. “We are excited to partner with MoonPay on our trailblazing ownership stake opportunity for fans to join,” said BIG3 co-founder, Jeff Kwatinetz. The cofounder also stated the role MoonPay is playing in ensuring people have easy access to NFTs.

MoonPay’s Payment Infrastructure

MoonPay’s portfolio of payment infrastructure technologies facilitate the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Digital assets and NFTs can be easily traded on the platform with fewer technicalities. The platform also integrated the possibility of payment of these digital assets using credit cards, bank accounts, and several other payment platforms.

MoonPay has been charting the pathway for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by introducing innovative infrastructure to facilitate easy payment systems. Blockchain technology has gradually been introduced into various sectors, in which sport is one of them. BIG3 has closely aligned itself with this evolving technology, especially with the release of NFTs.

In reaction to the partnership news, the CEO and co-founder of  MoonPay, Ivan Soto-Wright, stated that Web3 has been able to help companies reshape the way they do business, especially in the business of sports and how BIG3 is leading this technological advancement. The CEO also expressed the pleasure of the company to be working with BIG3 on this project.