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Palm NFT Studio and Moonwalk Collaborate on Web3 Project

Today, Palm NFT Studio announced a new strategic relationship with Moonwalk, the premier Web3 platform for companies, creators, and communities that requires no coding. Moonwalk will enable brands, media businesses, and artists to bring usefulness, engagement, and incentives to NFT initiatives on the Palm network fast and effectively as a preferred partner.

Moonwalk clients have a higher advantage with this partnership. They can easily mint NFTs directly from the Palm network using the Customer Dashboard. In addition to the direct minting of NFT on the platform, there are also additional benefits. The users can also access live event tickets, awards, e-commerce, gated content, metaverse features, and other exciting benefits.  

Expanding the world of NFT

Dan Heyman, Co-Founder, and CEO of Palm NFT Studio stated that the company believes in a world where NFTs can be more than mere collectables. One such means is by building an online ecosystem that is community-driven. Heyman believes that the new relationship with Moonwalk will assist the community members in transforming NFTs into digital assets that link communities, increase engagement, and reward real fans.”

The Palm network is compatible with Ethereum, which is one of the largest crypto coins. Its added advantages include its energy-efficient system that is capable of boosting rapid transactions and is in full compliance with regulatory networks.  The Palm network presently has over 1,000,000 wallet addresses and over 1,750 NFT contracts. It is the platform of choice for large-scale NFT projects like Nifty and Candy Digital’s digital collectables venture with Major League Baseball. The Palm network is also utilised by HENI and Damien Hirst for “The Batman,” “The Matrix Resurrections,” “The Currency,” and the Bat Cowl Collection.

Greg Consiglio, the co-founder of Moonwalk, stated that Palm NFT Studio powers some of the most inventive and intriguing NFT applications globally. He expressed his optimism about the partnership bringing about more functionality to brands and creators through easy steps without the need for core technical skills.

Moonwalk is driving Web3 engagement and generating revenue through branded souvenirs and social tokens. Users on the platform can also purchase NFTs and enjoy a wide array of functionalities, including access to social events.