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zkLink Pioneers the Dunkirk Test to Strengthen DeFi Security

zkLink, an innovative multi-chain trading middleware, is launching the first-ever “Dunkirk Test” from May 11 to 13. The groundbreaking DeFi safety initiative aims to instill confidence in users regarding asset recovery during unforeseen events. Participants will have the opportunity to test the emergency asset recovery feature and earn rewards over the 72-hour event.

Embracing the Shutdown for Enhanced Security

On May 11 at 12 pm Singapore time, the Dunkirk Test will initiate a shutdown period, during which users can visit a recovery node to withdraw their assets back to their wallets., a dApp within the zkLink ecosystem, will also join the shutdown test.

How to Participate and Earn Rewards

To take part in the Dunkirk event, users must first register for the campaign on and trade on the testnet with free test tokens until May 10. Alongside the fourteen partner-hosted recovery nodes, zkLink offers an open-source asset recovery app on Github. This allows anyone to set up and operate a private recovery node for fund withdrawal. Following the successful completion of the Dunkirk Test, zkLink plans to launch its mainnet in summer 2023.

The Power of zkLink: Transforming Multi-chain Trading

zkLink revolutionizes multi-chain trading infrastructure by leveraging zk-SNARKS to secure advanced decentralized trading products, such as order book DEX and NFT marketplaces. By connecting various L1 blockchains and L2 networks, zkLink’s adaptable ZK-Rollup middleware enables developers and traders to access pooled assets and liquidity from different chains. This promotes a seamless multi-chain trading experience and fosters a more accessible and efficient DeFi ecosystem for all.

Setting a New Benchmark in DeFi Security

Inspired by the historic evacuation of Dunkirk, the zkLink Dunkirk Test has two primary goals: to strengthen user trust in zkLink system security and to encourage the adoption of the Dunkirk Test as an industry standard for fund security.

During the first test, the zkLink protocol will halt operations for three days, allowing users to recover their assets from either a hosted or self-hosted recovery node. Asset balances will be restored from all connected blockchains and returned to users’ wallets, ensuring genuine self-custody of user funds.

Collaborating for a Secure Future

Several partners have pledged to operate recovery nodes for users during the Dunkirk shutdown period, including Alliance DAO, Secure3, Smrti Labs, Ascensive Assets, Kepler-428 DAO, Meria, Morningstar Ventures, BitEye, Bware Labs, CyberConnect, Republic Crypto, TokenInsight, Unipass, and Verilog.