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XRP Ledger to Present Epic Free Web3 Collection With Ducati

Ducati collaborates with XRP Ledger to launch a digital collectible program, offering fans an engaging experience with exclusive collectibles showcasing the brand’s history.

Key Points

  • Ducati collaborates with the XRP Ledger to launch an innovative digital collectible program, offering fans a unique experience and sense of belonging to the brand’s community.
  • The program will showcase exclusive digital collectibles hosted on the XRP Ledger, narrating the story of the Ducati brand since 1946.
  • Ducati’s first offering is a video sequence featuring its logos, and users can secure this free digital collectible by registering within seven days.
  • After the initial release, participants can still access subsequent limited edition Ducati digital collectibles by registering after Aug. 2.

​​Ducati has revealed plans for an innovative digital collectible program in collaboration with the XRP Ledger, heralding their entry into the world of Web3. The esteemed motorcycle manufacturer aims to offer enthusiasts a fresh perspective on its history, present and future through this cutting-edge initiative.

Integrating its heritage with advanced digital technology, Ducati seeks to extend its reach to a global audience of fans, providing them a unique experience. The program will cater to motorcycle connoisseurs, racing fans and technology enthusiasts, fostering an opportunity to engage with the brand and discover the sense of belonging to its community.

XRPL connection

Central to this captivating initiative are the digital collectibles, which will narrate the tale of the Ducati brand. These exclusive collections will be hosted on the XRP Ledger, which is described as a decentralized and energy-efficient Layer 1 blockchain backed by a global developer community.

As a gesture of appreciation to its supporters, Ducati’s first offering will feature a video sequence spotlighting all the brand’s logos since 1946. The inaugural free digital collectible is scheduled for release tomorrow, July 26. Interested participants are encouraged to register on a dedicated site within seven days to secure this unique token and gain access to forthcoming releases. Those who miss the initial deadline can still participate in subsequent limited edition Ducati digital collectibles by registering after Aug. 2.