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Confused about taking up the test for HGV driver training in London, UK? We’ve got your back!

Some people always love giving a lot of tests. They don’t care whether they are going to get qualified or not. On the other hand, some people are really afraid of giving tests and they do like it at all. The same happens when people apply for the HGV driver training London, UK. In both cases, it is better to qualify in one go.

So if you are confused about what is included in the driver CPC part 1 test, we have got all the detailed information on this theory test.

Theory: Driver CPC part 1 test

Once you have your provisional licence in hand and you want to proceed with completing HGV driver training in London, you can book this part 1 theory test of the Driver CPC) Driver Certificate of professional competence.

The theory test includes two parts:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Hazard perception

Though you will have to book these two tests separately you can take both the tests on the same day. It might not matter which test you take first, but it is very important to pass both the test within two years to qualify and get your theory test certificate.

Things you should be carrying to your test

You need to bring one of the following to sit for the test

  • Your photo card driving licence- Great Britain
  • Paper counterpart and photo card driving licence- North Ireland
  • Photo card driving licence and paper counterpart (if you have one)- EU

In the case you don’t have your photo card or driving licence because of any reason; you need to bring your valid passport and a paper licence.

Note* – if you don’t bring any of the documents you might not be able to give the test, and also, you might lose the fee you have paid for the test, and then you won’t be able to qualify for your HGV driver training in London.

Practice and revise for HGV licence

You can use different software and books to revise for your theory test and also can take self an assessment through practice tests. This will help you a lot to clear your theory test for HGV licence.

Multiple choice questions

The multiple choice questions that you will get in your theory test are mostly based on these three books

  • Know your traffic signs
  • The Highway Code
  • The official DSVA guide to driving buses and coaches or the official DSVA guide to driving goods vehicles

It is very important to study these books so that you can learn the skills and rules you will be tested on. You can shop for them from the online book shops and high street.

Take a self-assessment test- practice.

Make sure that you don’t forget to take a practice theory test s that you can evaluate yourself on how much you have learned. The questions that you answer here might not be used in the real test, but they are on the same topic as the real test.

Hazard perception test

To prepare for this test, you can take the help of the official guide to hazard perception. You can shop for these guides in different formats such as:

  • Buy it online for your Mac or PC
  • Download the app for your tablets or apple phones
  • Download the app for your tablets or android phones

Also, if you want, you can buy it in the interactive DVD from the online book shops or high street.

How does the test work?

Part 1- multiple choice questions

In this paper, you have to answer 100 multiple choice questions and get one hour and fifty-five minutes to complete the test.

Before the test begins, you will get:

  • Instructs on how will the procedure be
  • The chance to practice some questions on the screen to get familiar with it.

You will see one question and several possible answers, and you will have to choose the correct answer to the question. You will have a similar hundred questions.
The passing marks for the test are 85 out of 100.

Part 2- Hazard perception

Before you begin with your test, you will be shown a proper video with instructions on how the test will be conducted.

You will be then shown 19 different video clips. The clips include

  • Everyday road scenes features
  • The clips will contain at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will have two developing hazards.

You get marks to spot the developing hazards as soon as they begin to happen.
All the best for your HGV driver training in London!