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Platzi and BNB collaborated to launch the Web 3.0 development course

According to the information received from our reliable sources, Binance’s blockchain network, BNB, announced that it would join hands with Platzi, a Latin American educational content-creating platform, to release a Web3.0 development course. BNB and Platzi aim to target at least 30,000 students who can have access to the latest information on Web3 development.

The director of BNB, Gwendolyn Regina, stated that the release of this development course aims to educate the developers and help them enhance their skills. The Platzi and BNB courses will be most beneficial to Web 2.0 Spanish developers.

What changes will the introduction of Web3 development courses bring?

With the introduction of the course, education on Web3.0 development and blockchain technology will be boosted. Currently, the situation concerned with digital assets is critical as local governments are against the development of blockchain and Web3. Therefore, students have little to no access to education on the two important aspects of technology.

Individuals lack any essential information on the development of the blockchain industry or cryptocurrency alone. Even among cryptocurrency investors, there would be a few people with proper knowledge of digital assets. According to a survey conducted by the Motley Fool, more than 10% of cryptocurrency investors are clueless about the working mechanisms of the blockchain sector.

The local Latin American population is anticipated to be empowered by the introduction of the Web3 development course available in the Spanish language. El Salvador is the first nation to sign a legal tender with Bitcoin. And therefore, several efforts are being put in by the industry giants to promote cryptocurrency awareness education along with the latest web development courses.