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Top 10 Best Crypto Ad Networks 2023

With the rise of blockchain technology and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, digital advertising has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. As traditional advertising methods become less effective, more and more businesses are turning to cryptocurrency ad networks to promote their products and services.

This article comprehensively evaluates the top 10 best crypto ad networks in 2023 based on extensive research and analysis. So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the exciting possibilities of crypto advertising!

Top 10 Best Crypto Ad Networks 2023

1. Bitmedia

Bitmedia is a leading crypto ad network that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to grow their reach and acquire new customers in the crypto space. Bitmedia primarily provides display banner ads and has helped advertisers reach millions of crypto-savvy visitors since 2014.

Bitmedia’s flexible CPC or CPM pricing models ensure that advertisers can effectively manage their budgets and achieve their marketing objectives. Besides this, Bitmedia offers comprehensive crypto content writing/translation services and content distribution (direct publications and through crypto PR wires), working with top websites, including Cointelegraph, DailyCoin, Cryptonews, BeInCrypto, Coindesk, NFTplazas, BTC-Echo (German), Cointribune (French), Cryptobenelux (Dutch), etc. 

Moreover, Bitmedia facilitates influencer marketing campaigns for crypto projects on leading social media platforms like Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and Twitch. With special offers for crypto gambling and betting projects, Bitmedia has served over 30,000 ad campaigns and counting, providing a superior user experience for both advertisers and publishers. 

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2. Cointraffic

CoinTraffic is a leading Bitcoin advertising network that offers multiple ad formats and targeting options to drive highly targeted crypto traffic. With over five years in business, they have completed 4,700+ campaigns and have 30+ highly qualified employees. 

Benefit from multiple ad formats, including banner ads, native ads, and press release distribution, and enjoy features like anti-fraud bot filters and targeted audience selection. Furthermore, you can access personal managers, self-service options, and crypto and fiat payment support. 

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3. A-Ads

A-Ads has gained a strong reputation in the crypto advertising space for its commitment to transparency and security. With no registration required and the option to remain anonymous, A-Ads offers a secure and straightforward advertising experience for both advertisers and publishers. 

With an average CPM of $0.83 and a click-through rate of 4.42%, A-Ads provides excellent value for advertisers looking to promote their crypto-related products or services. 

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Known for its commitment to transparency and security, A-Ads is well-known in the crypto advertising space. With no registration required and the option of remaining anonymous, both advertisers and publishers can enjoy a secure and straightforward advertising experience through A-Ads.

A-Ads offers display ads and native ads, both of which can be customized to match any website’s aesthetic. Additionally, A-Ads provides detailed targeting options, which help advertisers reach the right audience based on location and device.

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5. Coinzilla

CoinZilla users can advertise on leading finance and cryptocurrency websites to gain exposure and achieve marketing success for their projects. With over 16,000 campaigns delivered and performance-driven strategies, CoinZilla helps you reach millions of potential customers, customize your ads and budgets, and get new leads. 

Users can set up their campaigns within minutes using CoinZilla’s user-friendly platform. 

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CoinAd.Media is a top-notch Crypto Advertising Network that offers practical ways to advertise your crypto projects on over 260 blockchain and crypto-related websites. With a 100% crypto audience, this network assures you of reaching the right target audience. In addition, it boasts all major premium publishers and partners and offers CPC and CPM options.

Prices start from $100, and all payments are accepted automatically. The network also provides real-time statistics and an anti-bot system.

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7. Adshares

AdShares is another leading crypto ad network that is revolutionizing the digital advertising industry. The platform’s any-media-ready advertising standard enables programmatic ads across various digital spaces, including websites, mobile apps, games, and Metaverse. In addition, it allows for cross-verse ad campaigns and monetization of any digital space.

AdShares’ blockchain technology ensures trust in the ad industry by providing instant insight into ad transactions, eliminating fraud, false displays, and middlemen, and protecting consumer privacy. 

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8. DOTaudiences

DOTaudiences is a leading crypto ad network that provides digital innovation for brands looking to grow their web3 business. Advertisers can benefit from DOT’s expertise in reaching diaspora audiences across premium websites and converting hard-to-reach audiences. 

Publishers can leverage DOT’s smart AI technology to achieve three times the revenue, ultra-fast loading, and monthly payments. They can also use the revenue calculator to request better ad revenue.

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9. Coinserom

Coinserom, established in 2017, has quickly become one of the largest crypto ad networks around with over 2,700 websites under its umbrella. The network offers custom advertising campaigns in CPC, CPM, and pop-under ads, along with an anti-bot system to capture 100% genuine traffic, which eliminates bots and fraud accounts. Advertisers can optimize their ad reach while only getting relevant traffic.

The control panel is user-friendly and supports multiple forms of cryptocurrency payment. Coinserom provides a comprehensive and trustworthy platform for advertisers to promote their crypto-related products and services. The network’s focus on providing high-quality traffic and a user-friendly experience has made it one of the most popular ad networks in the industry.

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10. Ad Dragon (Now DragonX)

Ad Dragon provides a range of advertising options, including banner ads, pop-ups, and native ads. In addition, the platform allows for easy payment processing with multiple options, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The network offers unique features, such as ad placement on relevant crypto-related websites, ensuring maximum exposure to the targeted audience. In addition, Ad Dragon operates a censorship-free network that respects users’ privacy by avoiding data harvesting and mass surveillance.

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Final Words

The crypto advertising industry is rapidly evolving, and businesses seeking to promote their crypto-related products and services must choose the right advertising platform to reach their target audience effectively. However, with the growing number of crypto ad networks available, it can take time to choose the best one.

After careful analysis and evaluation, Bitmedia emerges as the best crypto ad network for 2023. With its advanced targeting capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive network of publishers and advertisers, Bitmedia offers an excellent solution for businesses seeking to promote their crypto-related products and services.

While other ad networks on the list offer unique features and benefits, Bitmedia stands out as the top choice for businesses seeking the most effective and reliable advertising solution for crypto-related products and services.