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Epic Games Store Shuts Down ‘Bad Behavior’ Blockchain Games – No Tolerance for Fraud

Epic Games Store will not hesitate to take action against blockchain game developers and publishers who display malicious behavior, as a senior official has clarified. Such a stance from the prominent Fortnite maker could shape the future of the entire blockchain gaming sector, especially since the company’s store is currently the leading PC gaming marketplace that supports these titles in contrast to Steam’s decision to prohibit blockchain games in late 2021.

Blockchain Games Face Skepticism 

Valve and Xbox have both shown skepticism towards blockchain gaming in the past, though Microsoft’s recent investment in South Korean crypto game developer Wemade indicates that their outlook on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and related technologies may be changing.  Professional caution should be exercised when considering embracing such new technologies. 

Despite the potential of blockchain gaming, one of its largest franchises – Minecraft, owned by Mojang – has made a de facto denouncement of the technology by stating that nothing of the sort will be supported. And with Sony and Nintendo yet to offer a definitive opinion on the matter, Epic is currently the largest public supporter of blockchain gaming among major game distributors.

Epic Games Supporting Blockchain 

Regardless of anything, it seems that Epic Games Store GM Steve Allison has informed that the North Carolina-based company is conscious of the negative perception and difficulties that can accompany any type of cryptocurrency project. 

Furthermore, the senior official suggested that the company is uncertain if its blockchain gaming support will yield substantial revenue, indicating that the upcoming year may provide a more definitive understanding of the potential. With only five titles currently on Epic Games Store and nearly twenty more slated to arrive by early 2024, Allison stated that the outlook may become clearer.


Square Enix, whose outgoing CEO recently confirmed the company’s intentions to commercialize gaming applications of digital ledgers within a year, maybe behind at least one of the upcoming blockchain games. In discussing the current wave of releases, Allison said that Blankos Block Party, the first-ever blockchain game released on Epic Games Store and a free-to-play social sandbox, is performing “pretty well” – although no specific download figures were shared.