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Shopping today? Here are popular platforms where you can pay in crypto

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are going Places and so are human beings. Our everyday lifestyle comprises numerous activities. An important part of these activities is the process of exchanging values. Value for cash and value for skills. Blockchain technology cryptocurrency both present alternative ways of storing values and spending them as well. Thanks to widespread adoption and recognition cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are finding their ways into the most important sectors of human life. These virtual tokens hold value and these values can be exchanged.

 In contrast to a few years ago. Available options for spending your digital assets are increasing. Many stores are adopting these new technologies and enabling digital asset holders to spend their cryptocurrency freely on their platform. They are providing payment options in cryptocurrency. Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Check out popular  brands and platforms that accept cryptocurrency payments:

1.     Off-white:  clothing and fashion has become a very important part of human livelihood; it ranks very high in the list of human essentials. Over the years, the cloth process has evolved to become more stylish and more aesthetically approving. The clothing brand off-white has gained much popularity over the years thanks to the astonishing design skills of its founder and American, Virgil Abloh. This brand has produced many plus ball clothing designs. You have probably seen a number of their popular designs and you would love to get some of them; well if you have some bitcoins you can easily purchase any desired off-white clothing through their merchant store using your cryptocurrency. 

2.     Travala:  Travala is a third-party flight booking platform that allows cryptocurrency investment book flight to Over 300 locations using their cryptocurrency. Travala has become established thanks to a widespread adoption by cryptocurrency holders today you can easily book a flight to over 300 destinations and even secure accommodation in your travel destination through Travala’s third-party flight and location booking facility.

3) PayPal:  in the last quarter of 2020, popular money transfer giant at PayPal announced that  it will integrate cryptocurrency payment into its platform to enable merchants and private users utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the transfer of value. By this, cryptocurrency payment options are available for both merchants and buyers who wish to pay using digital assets. PayPal’s services are used by over 20 million merchants around the world . These merchants and their customers can access more Swift payments via cryptocurrency.

 As cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption continues to spread across the world there are bound to be more  platforms adopting blockchain powered payment options. The three mentioned above are  just a few out of many, the number is fast increasing and paying in crypto will get even more popular in a shorter time