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ShareRing Enables Creation of Reusable Digital Identities with Barbados National ID (Trident Cards) via App

ShareRing, a blockchain technology company with a focus on digital identity, has announced support for Trident Cards, the national ID of Barbados, in creating reusable digital identities through the ShareRing App. 

This development enables national citizens of Barbados with a Trident Card to create their digital identity seamlessly via the ShareRing app, available on iOS, Play Store, and Galaxy Store. The process is straightforward as users only need to use the NFC chip in their Trident card to create their digital identity through the ShareRing Vault app.

This step marks a significant milestone towards a more efficient and streamlined internet era, where identities are essential for daily digital interactions with businesses. ShareRing’s reusable identity concept enables users to prove their identity with different businesses and services across the digital frontier without the need for physical presence.

For businesses that need to identify their customers as required by law, digital reusable identities within the ShareRing Vault provide a self-owned or self-sovereign solution. Businesses can enjoy more streamlined onboarding processes while minimizing the risk of holding vast data about their customers, which can attract hackers.

ShareRing is currently running a pilot program for businesses that require digital identity solutions to verify their customers. Businesses interested in this program can submit their interest on the website.

ShareRing’s technology uses trust-embedded solutions that offer unmatched consistency, reliability, and security for personally identifiable information transmitted between users and the businesses they engage with online. This approach ensures that individuals maintain control and security over their data, making it a reliable digital identity solution for businesses and users alike.