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Wemade Teams Up with Microsoft-Backed Web3 Platform to Enhance Gaming Services

Wemade, the South Korean gaming giant with a market capitalization of $1.4 billion, announced a strategic partnership on March 15 with Space and Time (SxT), an industry leader in decentralized data storage supported by Microsoft.


About Wemade 

WEMIX PLAY, Wemade’s open blockchain gaming platform, provides global support for roughly twenty P2E or play-to-earn games across various genres, such as the popular MIR M and the world’s highest-rated blockchain game – MIR4.

WEMIX, the company’s blockchain development division, is constructing an ecosystem that includes WEMIX 3.0 mainnet, various services such as NFTs and DeFi, and the WEMIX coin – which acts as a bridge connecting them all. 

WEMIX Looking Forward to Launch Ethereum Layer-2 

WEMIX has also unveiled plans to introduce a layer-2 on the Ethereum blockchain. This implementation will utilize zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) protocols, to improve scalability while preserving users’ privacy and security. Space and Time, in collaboration with Wemade, are committed to providing a top-notch decentralized framework for the purpose of ensuring enhanced GameFi production that is dependable and scalable.

This new development will allow the developers to link the off-chain data of the players, to on-chain contracts, very easily in real time. This framework will allow them to create intricate revenue models for P2E-styled games, with more secure analytics, and cut down on the expenses for on-chain memory. 

Having said that, the Wemade platform not only offers cool Web3 GameFi solutions, but it also promotes decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and more on its L1 mainnet, growing its blockchain ecosystem beyond the realm of GameFi. Developers who create GameFi and other Web3 applications will be able to reap the benefits from this partnership with increased security and decentralization.