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Seagram’s 100 pipers Launch Environmentally Linked NFTs to Commemorate International Biological Diversity

Without doubt, NFT is now penetrating every sphere and aspect of life. Perhaps it would have been unimaginable many years ago, but here it is now. In the more integrative approach of NFTs, India has launched an environment-themed NFT focused on tree planting. The NFT is titled “Now Funding Tomorrow.”

Tree planting has been identified as one way of sustaining biodiversity and conserving the environment. Following the launch in India, Seagram’s 100 pipers have launched other similar NFTs. This will continue in this year’s commemoration of International Day for Biological Diversity on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022, as it is expected that the brand will roll out its next set of ten unique NFTs. Each of these NFTs has 25 tokens, and this will further open opportunities to a maximum of 250 buyers.

The brand was in search of their first “Chief Tree Officer.” After this has been successfully concluded, they will roll out the next set of available positions for “Chief Tree Officers” who will work to increase awareness around the need for tree plantation.

Each NFT will be pledged to a leading environmental NGO, Go-Green, and the NFT will be priced at 9,999. Five trees will be planted for every NFT planted, and this is just a way of preserving the environment for the future as it will definitely contribute to the sustenance of biodiversity.

After about ten minutes of launch, 13 of the NFTs were sold. Profits from the sales of these NFTs will be donated to the AROH foundation as a part of the tree plantation initiative.

The Chief Marketing Officer, Kartick Mohindra, while expressing his excitement towards the initiative, said, “With our Play for a Cause music events in 2022, we have put in efforts towards ensuring a greener future. On World Earth Day, we started a campaign to support planting trees and restoring the environment by releasing 13 unique NFTs with Goodness themes.

The marketing officer also stated that the NFT launch will allow the public to venture into more environmentally smart investments.