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RoyalMn-The world’s most popular way to mining

RoyalMn is an easy to use cryptocurrency mining application, the platform system can be mined for every user, easy to use and safe, can receive rewards every day!

What is RoyalMn?

RoyalMn is a platform to provide cloud computing power services to global users. We have more than 8 years of blockchain technology experience and have deployed more than 360,000 mining machines worldwide. We solve the problem of mining difficulties for users, only need to click the order, users can easily obtain income. Different from any other APP on the market, user revenue on our platform is more transparent and real. The stable income generated every day can be directly settled into the user balance, which can be withdrawn at any time without any handling fee.


Learn about our work process. You need to follow the steps below to start your first mining.

Download The APP And Create An Account

Download the APP, use the register option to create for himself a member account 

Choose Plans

Top up the balance and choose the cloud computing power or mining machine package that suits you.

Start Mining

Now you’re ready to use RoyalMn to start automated cryptocurrency mining and generate revenue.

GET Profit

The proceeds can be withdrawn at any time without any fees


We provide the best services to our miners, be connected with us, and get profited.

24/7 Support

We are ready to answer all your questions and advise you 24/7. Feel free to reach us anytime.

Instant Connect

Our team of experts always available and feels happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Easy Withdrawal

Our withdrawals can be made in real time. We are highly transparent about transactions.

Detailed Statistics

We make detailed statistics of your transaction, also you will get all the mining logs.

Cloud Mining

We provide the best cloud mining service and give rewards to our miners on a daily basis.

Data Protection

We constantly work on improving our system and the level of our security to minimize any risks.


We are combining efficient cryptocurrency mining activities to provide users with the best mining scheme to make money, provide the best services, and bring better benefits to users.

Working Worldwide

We We have mining farms in multiple countries, you can start mining bitcoin from any corner of the world.

Powerful Referral Program

And is rewarded with a commission of up to 10%.

Daily Mining Output

Our system will automatically add your daily mining results to your account. Also, you are able to withdraw that amount.

Secure And Private

We support cryptocurrencies that promote privacy, so we try to keep user data collected to a minimum and will only require information.

Latest Mining Hardware

Our Latest and high-speed ASIC’s chips and GPU mining rigs specially designed to provide high-speed mining process.

Robust Mining Technology

For each of the blockchain algorithms that we have proposed, we are providing some of the highest performance mining systems available.

About RoyalMn Mining

RoyalMn is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, providing beginners with grid range of cryptocurrency mining capabilities, our mission is so that everyone can easily and quickly make money.


Gain mining benefits at low cost

World Wide Service

We provide undifferentiated services to users from all over the world

Mining Plan

We offer a variety of profitable mining solutions


Company Name: RoyalMn


Email:[email protected]