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Apeiron Roars to Life with NFT Presale Selling 2.5M USD in Just 4 Hours

14 April 2022, HONG KONG – Apeiron, the world’s first play-and-earn god game built with NFTs, began its Primeval Planet Presale on 14 April, with more than half sold out before opening to the public, at a value of 925 ETH. For many players, this is the beginning of their journey into the crypto-gaming space, with a play-and-earn project built on the strong foundations of rich gameplay and strong storytelling. 

Players will need at least one planet NFT to play Apeiron.One of the key features of the planet NFTs is that players can “breed” a new planet NFT if they own two. If they own three, they can trigger a special breeding cycle, essentially allowing them to go infinite and produce as many Planet NFTs as they wish, rewarding entrepreneurial players for their mastery of the breeding mechanisms with real cryptocurrency. 

Apeiron, which has been in development for over six years, allows players to “play god” by taking on the role of Godlings – newborn gods with the ability to control elements such as water and fire to assist cute’n’chubby doods in building their society and going about their daily lives. Players can grow their own planets as well as control their world’s powerful Avatar in exciting real-time card-based battles. One of the game’s most unique features is its Tri-Token system that enhances the value of Apeiron’s NFTs. Apeiron has a fully diluted valuation of $80 million. The game will be launched in Q4 2022. 

The Primeval Planet NFT Presale consisted of planets broken into five tiers of rarity, with the Elemental Core planet being the least rare and the Primal Core being the rarest. The rarer the planet, the higher the chance of getting a more concentrated elemental (fire, water, air, earth) distribution, allowing players to access more potent combat skills and planetary development abilities. Prices for the Primeval Planet NFTs were released within the range of 0.1 – 6.66 ETH. 

Frank Cheng, Co-Founder of Apeiron, said that after Apeiron’s Token Generation Event in May, between June to October holders of the NFTs will be able to start breeding planets. Cheng said that “From the initial 4,586 planets, 350,000 new ones will be bred by game launch in Q4 2022” and that “owning multiple planets would almost guarantee strong returns on investments”. Cheng said that “even if NFT-holders did not want to engage in breeding planets, holding the NFTs is a great investment because there will be many players seeking to breed planets and they will look for other planets in the marketplace to complete their breeding collection.” 

Cheng also mentioned that “After the NFT presale, Apeiron will be closing its seed round, which has seen some of the biggest T1 investors in the world, who are expecting Apeiron to grow into one of the biggest blockchain games of the year.” Cheng added that “Apeiron is going to partner with over 22 gaming guilds, with big ones having in seed round and mid-to small ones in private round.”

The public minting phase is still ongoing and will end on Apr 18th.

About Apeiron 

Apeiron is the world’s first NFT-based play-and-earn godgame. Apeiron will feature a unique card-based action-adventure combat system combined with godly simulation gameplay inspired by classic god games like Populous and Black & White. Players can construct planets from above before descending to the ground as an Avatar to solve the mysteries of the universe. Players will grow their planet to the point of developmental stagnation, then reset the planetary cycle to allow for even more advancement and thrilling late-game alliance level GvE and GvG activities. Apeiron will use a tri-token architecture, which means that there will be three separate tokens to navigate their ecosystem: a governance token, a play to earn token, and a premium alliance token. Visit Apeiron’s Public Mint | Website | Youtube | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter

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