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Opensea Could Add NFT Support for Solana, According To Leaked Images

The major non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Opensea is rumored to be preparing to release Solana-based NFTs based on leaked photos. Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known leaker of information on yet-to-be-released aspects of specific tech platforms, uncovered the photographs.

When it comes to discovering features that aren’t ready for public consumption, a tech blogger has an impressive track record of finding new features before they’re ready for public consumption.

Opensea is well-known for supporting the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. There have been about 1,358,052 traders who have taken advantage of OpenSea’s NFT platform since its inception. A photograph published by renowned hacker and tech writer Jane Manchun Wong suggests that Opensea may be introducing NFTs based on the Solana platform in the near future.

Leaked Images Suggest Opensea Plans to Add Solana-Based NFT Support

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong’s leaked images shared on Twitter.

There have been rumors of Opensea adding Solana for some time, but Wong’s finding is not the first time this has happened. In mid-November 2021, the animator and Solana supporter @bhaleyart posted a photograph showing Opensea’s blockchain filter.

In the past, Wong has gained a reputation for providing leaked photographs and revealing new features of upcoming digital platforms. The tech writer and hacker has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 2022 list of the most promising young entrepreneurs in the world.

There were 1,324,284 transactions totaling $1.26 billion on the Solana blockchain, making it the third-highest in terms of NFT sales. Solana NFTs were supported first, and Ethereum-based NFTs were enabled later in October by FTX’s NFT marketplace.

The Opensea trading volume on the Polygon network has surged greatly since the chain was deployed because of the lower costs on the Polygon network. Solana’s network fees are a fraction of the average Ethereum L1 charge.