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McDonald’s is Getting Ready to Join the Metaverse

McDonald’s, a well-known fast-food chain, recently teamed with Karen X Cheng, a popular developer of digital content, to run an interactive campaign during Lunar New Year. McDonald’s filed for patents, trademarks, and various other legal documents last year, announcing plans to open a virtual cafe in a virtual world near you. 

With this recent development, the fast food chain moved one step ahead to operate a virtual restaurant that offers home delivery alongside real and virtual goods. Hence, you can just head into a McDonald’s outlet inside the Metaverse, place an order, and have it quickly delivered to your location in a few minutes.

The Metaverse is generating buzz much more quickly than we had imagined as various brand extensions, including entertainment and events leveraging the names of McDonald’s and McAfee, have been trademarked. Last year, famous clothing retailer H&M debuted its first online shop in the Metaverse. H&M wants to serve its customers with a 3D shopping experience by entering the Metaverse world.

Customers can enjoy an array of activities at an upcoming Metaverse store

Customers using the McDonald’s Metaverse outlet can participate in a range of metaverse activities, including virtual reality zoos, cookery contests, and classic Chinese games like Mahjong and Weiqi. Therefore, this lunar new year will be the best one for McDonald’s customers. Elizabeth Campbell, senior director of cultural engagement at McDonald’s, highlighted the initiative as a way to celebrate the Lunar New Year and give back to the Asian American and Pacific Islander population.