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L’Oréal is Preparing To Bring Its Cosmetics Business To The Metaverse

As the fashion industry secures its position as the metaverse’s champion, an increasing number of high-profile figures are supporting the cause. L’Oréal, the cosmetics conglomerate, is the most recent fashionista to embrace the virtual world. Fashion analysts have identified amazing plans for blockchain-based assets featuring various L’Oréal brands. According to the fashion conglomerate, NFTs and the metaverse are the subjects of 17 separate trademark applications. They all feature different cosmetic brands and types, such as virtual perfumery, haircare, and skincare.

Decentraland-style metaverse-based stores are expected to be seen on the streets of virtual worlds like Decentraland in the future, according to sources who have seen the applications in action. Nobody wants to miss out on the Metaverse migration of the leaders of every industry. L’Oréal aspires to have a significant presence on the internet. Virtual cosmetics can be purchased, collected, and traded in the L’Oréal metaverse. Thus, the Metaverse will be supported by NFTs. They aren’t the first cosmetics company to get into the NFT game.

L’Oréal plans to debut its NFT by female artists in December 2021. This group of all-female artists included Amber Vittoria and Arina BB among others. They were inspired by the various shades of red in the world around them. Lipstick collection called Reds of Worth by Color Riche from L’Oréal Paris. The principal sales are kept entirely by the five artists. Their artwork is available for purchase on OpenSea.

So yet, L’Oréal has not revealed the specifics of its metaverse ambitions; nonetheless, the sensible decision would display actual objects linked to digital counterparts, allowing the business to demonstrate its goods in both planes of existence. With its boundless reach and incredibly customizable setting, the metaverse appears to be a great fit for the fashion industry. It provides a great canvas for the entire business since, unlike the laborious real world, it is not bound by such trivialities as resources, practicality, or gravity.