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It is a Long Way Until P2E Gaming Is Mature, Says Crypto Unicorns’ Founder

With interest in play-to-earn (P2E) games and platforms waning in 2022, Web3 gamers stressed the need for “fun” games. The CEO of Laguna Games and creator of Crypto Unicorns, Aron Beierschmitt, was interviewed for NFT Steez about P2P-focused blockchain games.

A shift from play-to-earn to play-and-earn allows for experimentation and growth, says Beierschmitt. According to Beierschmitt, nothing has changed about making games, but players and crypto-natives now have the option of owning, playing, and earning through play-and-earn models. Sustainable development is the problem.
Emotional and Paradigm Shifts in P2E Gaming
Beierschmitt explains that Crypto Unicorns is “charting a route to sustainability by combining economic farming simulations” with real-time “skill-based gameplay loops” to attract more players. Gamers must have fun and engage in gaming cycles, according to Beierschmitt.

It should be noted that not everyone is interested in blockchain-based games, and Crypto Unicorns is aimed at crypto-natives.

For free-to-play games to maximise revenue, Beierschmitt says producers need incentives to align incentives. As a result of this “mismatch in paradigm,” Web3 gaming provides players with more autonomy and control over their in-game items, assets, and abilities.

According to Beierschmitt, play-and-earn games are appealing because players can earn money while enjoying their favourite games. In Web3, players and participants own the direction, ecosystem, and IP of the game, according to Beierschmitt.

There are many play-and-earn games that feature unpopular economies. According to Beierschmitt, a player’s active and passive participation is essential for the long-term viability of in-game economies. To advance, passive players invest in aggressive players.

According to Beierschmitt, skill-based gaming loops and token sinks are crucial to the viability of the dynamic because they engage the player in the economy and environment once again. While Beierschmitt predicts “promising futures” for play-and-earn games, most are still in the early stages of development.