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Infusing Organic Growth Into Web Community Communities With frens

Location, December 12, 2022 — frens, a web3 community growth platform, is revolutionising the industry with its “all in one” platform, which offers collaboration, engagement, CRM, and new member acquisition. With frens, DAOs, NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 gaming projects can collaborate easily, engage the network effect, and be incentivised to engage.

In order to improve the growth of their community, businesses can use the frens community growth platform to identify growth catalysts, influencers and whales in communities. In this way, businesses are able to find out who holds the most tokens/NFTs, is active in Discord, and shares on Twitter. frens’ automation of collaboration, actionable analytics, and on-time announcements have given results for its customers, such as an average community growth of 75% and a community growth of 245% for the newest community.

frens incorporates features such as “frens of frens”, which encourages members to invite their friends to the platform, easy sharing, which makes it easy to share important information and easy collaboration, which allows members to discover and connect with other communities and grow together. 

There are also other features of frens, such as Allow Lists, where members can connect their own wallets, allowing community managers to access them for allow lists, Token Gating for assigning discord roles using NFTs, Native Twitter Integration and NeoSwap NFT Trades for setting up NFT trade parties on Discord, and frens becomes an all-encompassing platform for the growth of web3 communities. 

While explaining frens pricing, the team said wallet connections and allow lists will always be free, along with NFT token gating, the core CRM, and more. In 2023, licenses for important growth tools and add-ons will be made available. Users of frens who use it at the time we announce licensing will automatically be enrolled in the first NFT licensing round, which will be a fraction of the  monthly license costs.

According to the roadmap, the platform will enable automated community collaboration by January 2023. In February, companies will be able to monitor the health of their communities through an actionable analytics dashboard. In June, community members can be rewarded with on-chain and off-chain rewards, including gamification features, as members hit custom and pre-defined thresholds of engagement and participation. Through  July 2023, other web3 communities and businesses will be able to integrate with frens through enterprise CRM platforms and other blockchains, which are planned to be added on an ongoing basis starting in January. Beginning in September 2023, the frens platform will support web2 and traditional brands to create their own web3 communities.

About frens

frens is a web3 platform that combines CRM, membership acquisition, collaboration, and engagement platform. With decades of experience in product development and marketing, Drew Falkman’s team at frens is poised to dominate the market for the next generation of community growth software, which will empower communities to understand and naturally expand their own communities.

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