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Financial Independence for Community Managers With frens NFT Project

For web3 projects to succeed, a community must be established. It is only through a cohesive group that decentralisation, innovation, and Web3 development can be accomplished.

On the other hand, several fraudulent schemes that continue to operate and tarnish an otherwise promising idea continue to harm the reputation of web3 initiatives. Creating a community helps the industry and gives it more legitimacy.

Even though it has many advantages, it takes a lot to create communities, automate collaboration, get actionable analytics, and other problems such as missing important announcements. So with automation in almost everything we do today, why should web3 communities be left behind? 

Enters frens

A web3 community growth platform, frens combines CRM, membership acquisition, collaboration, and engagement, providing web3 companies and users with an all-in-one platform for community collaboration. One of the main benefits of using frens is the ability to view community members on various platforms, most notably Twitter, Discord, and  crypto-wallets. As a result, community managers can monitor members’ Discord roles, Twitter followers, and the number of invites they’ve made.

But this doesn’t end here. By combining automation, actionable analytics, and community updates, frens goes beyond being a growth platform. 

Here’s What frens Brings to the Table


The frens of frens tool encourages Discord invitations to new users. Users get 100 points for direct invites and 50 points for invitees (down two levels). This enables members to invite others who will enjoy your community and connect to those who will. In addition, frens lets you allocate Discord positions according to user points. 

Community Sharing On Social Media

frens also allows you to share URLs from within Discord. The /share command lets you post a link and some text in any channel you choose. This tag adds a [SHARE] button underneath the link and text. So, with a single click, any user who connects their Twitter can share this link with their Twitter without leaving Discord.

New ways of engagement

A new feature, frens, offers the ability to start NeoSwap parties right from Discord! NeoSwap lets you host NFT trading “parties”. You select the NFTs you are willing to part with in a party, enter a reserve price, and then you get presented with all the NFTs everyone else is willing to part with as well. As you place your bids, you determine whether you are ready to pay additional cryptocurrency for the NFTs.

frens’ Distinctive Features

Token Gating

Your users deserve to be rewarded for understanding what NFTs they hold. frens allows you to assign roles and grants access to special channels based on those roles.

Allow Lists

Administrators may access wallets connected to members’ accounts to create allow lists. Wallets are exported anonymously, so members’ wallets remain secret. No more manual wallets.

frens of frens

With frens, we track and reward new member invitations using Discord’s built-in invite mechanism. Organic growth is encouraged as members earn points for direct and indirect invitations.

NeoSwap Trades

With NeoSwap, you can trade NFTs in multi-way trading parties and see what other people want to trade and bid on. 

The Genesis 2023 License Mint

frens has announced the start of frens Genesis License minting from early 2023. This licence will be valid for the whole year 2023. Starting next yearFrom this point forward, frens plans to offer monthly “pro” subscriptions for frens (core license will always be free) for $50 per month or $550 per year the following year, with possible add-ons based on community size and features. The NFT will be the only way to access frens up to that point. Genesis frens NFT Licenses also provide a lot of benefits.


  • The full license will be given to you for any community growth and analytics features published up until the end of 2023.
  • Community managers can earn 30-50% referrals for licenses
  • You can have any size community you want
  • If Genesis miners do not sell their NFTs, they will receive a 20% lifetime discount on frens licenses.
  • You have special access to our Discord roles for support, feature requests, recommendations, promotions, and collaboration.
  • Special discounts from partners of frens.

What Does the Future Hold for frens?

The future of the web3 community is difficult to predict with certainty; however, it is clear that the community is driving growth for projects in web3. But looking at frens’s promising roadmap, it is certain that it will play a huge role in Web3 community management and growth. A few of the things the platform has in store for the future are as follows: 

  • Collaboration automation
  • Creation of Content
  • Rewards
  • Analytics
  • Integrations with other platforms (Telegram, Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, etc.).
  • User management, user analytics, and other enterprise features.

Final Thoughts

As more people become aware of and interested in web3 technologies, the web3 community is likely to continue growing and evolving. It is also possible that new technologies and applications will be developed within the web3 community, further advancing the use of decentralised systems. The exciting part will be how frens pioneers and revolutionises the web3 industry.