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Hype Animation to Fund Education Through NFT

Hype Animation, famous for its highly ranked compelling story in 2013, made a name for itself. The short animation film titled “Ed” made waves and clinched about 28 awards on different platforms and at many film festivals at that time. It was really an incredible one that attracted a lot of recognition.

After a long time of inactivity, about 9 years, the studio is up and running again. Hype Animation seeks to take a step further in the tech world by using blockchain technology. Hype Animation proposes to produce an animated feature film about the spectacular animated film ‘Ed’. It seeks to do this through an NFT funding campaign.

The Film “Ed”

Ed, the 2013 animated short film created by Hype Animation, tells the story of a rabbit. In the story, the rabbit was very successful in his acting career. Unfortunately for the rabbit, he was not having a successful personal life like what he had experienced in his career. Given this, the rabbit concluded that a successful career life with no personal success is a life without meaning, and he chose to end his own life. The 14-minute short film reflects on what happiness truly is and whether success, particularly in one’s career, brings happiness.

Why Fund a Feature Film with NFT?

First off, it had always been the desire of Hype Animation to produce a movie, in continuation of the famous Ed film. However, the studio has been faced with serious financial constraints, considering the cost of filming in Brazil. To tackle this financial constraint, the studio made the decision to launch an NFT campaign to fund the production. The campaign is tagged “Meet Ed.”

The director of Ed, Gabriel Garcia, speaking on the campaign, said the studio hopes to bring a new perspective of a contemporary time into Ed’s life. “With this project, we aim to bring every part of Ed’s life to life, in a new world, new perspective.” He also noted that the film will also pay homage to the history of cinema in preparation for the new Web3 era.

This NFT will offer an impersonating feature. Depending on the category of NFT, holders can name characters with their names. Mean holders can be part of the movie production.