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Giottus Announces Zero-Fee Crypto Trades, Paving the Way for Indian Traders

Crypto platform Giottus introduces zero-fee trades for all customers in India, aiming to enhance trading profitability and liquidity.

Key Takeaways

  • Giottus, a prominent crypto platform, introduces zero-fee trades.
  • Over 200 crypto-rupee pairs now available with no trading fees.
  • This move aims to simplify crypto trading for Indian investors.
  • Improved liquidity and cost savings expected for crypto traders.

0 Fees For Trading

In a groundbreaking move, Giottus, a leading crypto investment platform, has announced zero-fee crypto trades for all its customers, starting from Wednesday. This marks a significant milestone for the Indian crypto industry, as it is the first platform in the country to offer zero fees on over 200 crypto-rupee trading pairs.

Trading cryptocurrencies often incurs substantial costs, including trading fees and deductions that can impact traders’ profitability, especially during bear markets. Recognizing the challenges faced by Indian crypto traders, Giottus has taken the initiative to eliminate trading fees to make investing more accessible and cost-effective.

Customer Centric Organization

Vikram Subburaj, CEO of Giottus, expressed the platform’s commitment to its customers, stating, “We are a customer-centric organization that believes in making crypto accessible to the masses. The zero-fee move was an easy but necessary decision, given the extended bear market we have witnessed in the past two years. We hope our customers love this and make the best use of our crypto investment suite, including Staking, Fixed Rewards, SIPs, and Baskets.”

This bold step not only simplifies trading for Indian investors but is also expected to enhance liquidity across trading pairs, ensuring that customers can access the best daily prices for crypto assets in the country.

Giottus boasts over a million users and offers its services in multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. The platform has earned the reputation of being India’s top-rated crypto platform, based on consumer ratings on Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot.

The company emphasized its commitment to customer satisfaction, compliance, and security in the Indian virtual digital assets (VDA) industry. The introduction of zero-fee trades is anticipated to be a significant benefit for its customers, removing one of the obstacles faced by crypto investors in the space.

To Conclude

Giottus’ decision to offer zero-fee crypto trades is a game-changer for the Indian crypto industry. It not only lowers the barriers to entry for new investors but also reduces the financial burden on existing traders. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing a user-friendly experience, Giottus continues to lead the way in the Indian crypto market, fostering growth and accessibility. This move is expected to set a new standard for crypto platforms in the region and potentially attract a broader user base.