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Future Go Tech Summit: sharing the steps to the future

The inaugural Future Go Tech Summit was held on 6-7 October in Istanbul — in the words of the host Stewart Rogers, “at the crossroads of the world”. The summit was devoted to the richest opportunities, toughest challenges, and most pressing issues in the tech world. 

Over the course of two days, DasDas, a prestigious cultural venue in Istanbul, welcomed esteemed guests and tech visionaries from more than 30 countries all over the globe including the US, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, UAE, and many more. 

More than 40 speakers including Stewart Rogers (Dataconomy), Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr (Cointelegraph), John Biggs (Author, TechCrunch), Sharon Epskamp (Founder, House of Flux), and Nainan Shah (, former SVP of Corporate Strategy at PlayStation) spread brilliant ideas throughout the event.

More than 1,000 attendees in person and online took part and had the opportunity to participate in discussions, keynotes, and side events dedicated to challenges and discoveries for people in the digital era.

20+ outstanding panels and keynotes revealed insights around technological and human-centric topics, including: 

  • Humanity and Technological Limits
  • Information Architecture for Business: From Caves to the Metaverse
  • Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Impact of AI on Development and Social Interaction in Games and Virtual Worlds

Besides the main agenda a number of side events were held together with the partners and the attendees: 

  • NFT ART Gallery, where attendees were playing, meditating in VR, and exploring extraordinary artworks of local and international NFT creators.
  • Fuckup night party where participants shared their stories of failure 

The summit culminated in an awards ceremony, where Mohammad Nur-A-Alam (Head of sustainable AI products, Nokia), Reedah El-Saie (Founder and CEO of Brainspark Games), Pamina Bou (Director, Factor Tech) and others were honored for the huge step to the future and breakthrough in the AI field. 

We managed to reach a settlement with more than 20 media partners including such giants as “Cointelegraph”, “Dataconomy”, and “Bitcoinist”.

Future Go Tech Summit was full of striking insights. 

Nainan Shah (Former SVP, PlayStation) noted: 

“The idea in Blade Runner was that you hunt down the robots because you couldn’t tell the difference. We’re having conversations with “people” because we think they’re real, but they’re not. We’re getting to the point where it isn’t clear if our communication is “real” or not, and the question of whether those conversations are genuine or not”. 

Finally, we would like to share the impression of Uluc Yuca (Co-founder, Curator Studios):

“​​This event was an incredible experience! Thank you Future GO Tech Summit for organizing such a remarkable gathering, giving us the chance to spread the word, establish new connections, and most importantly, make new friends. 

I am humbled by the exceptional panelists,  who shared the stage with their invaluable insights and thoughts. – This also extends to the wonderful people with whom I shared the stage including;

Humans evolved through story-telling. Let’s keep on telling stories, distribute thoughts, and spark ideas!” 

The event became not only the first brick for building a community but also gave plenty of opportunities for meeting future business partners, and clients and getting acquainted with business ideas! Future Go Tech Summit 2023 is just the first in a new series of annual events. Keep in touch, and stay tuned for the updates!