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Former Nintendo President States Gaming Comapanies Will Enter The Metaverse Soon

Unambiguously, Metaverse is inevitably a significant factor influencing various sectors of life. The former president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, who acted as the executive from 2006 until 2019, has a positive opinion for the gaming industry in the Metaverse. Fils-Aimé considered companies like Sony and Nintendo well-equipped and experienced to perform significantly in the Metaverse. He told Yahoo Finance that the gaming industry would certainly lead in the Metaverse only if the games are delivered compellingly; consequently, gaming in Metaverse will become an experience the general public will surely want to have. 

The gaming industry will integrate the elements of metaverse into the games. Different industries like e-commerce, media and entertainment, architecture, and engineering are racing towards the metaverse. However, it seems that the gaming companies will have dominance over other industries in the Metaverse. Fils-Aimé’s prediction can be supported by considerable evidence and the innumerable quality games Sony and Nintendo have created. 

Throughout history, the mentioned companies have been immensely successful in creating interactive games. Moreover, recent developments are also evidence that Nintendo and Sony have a strong hand in developing immersive experiences for gamers. Various elements of Metaverse can be found in numerous gaming experiences today, like digital avatars. Hence, the transition from traditional games into metaverse will not be a major breakthrough for large companies. Similarly, gamers will also not feel a major change in doing so, as stated by Fils-Aimé. 

Metaverse is predicted to generate trillions of dollars of revenue in the future. With the current pace, billions of people will soon become a part of it, as some suggest that Metaverse is likely to have more than 5 billion users. As a result, gaming companies are interested in entering the vast industry as soon as possible. So, in particular, Sony has already made sure the incorporation of the metaverse elements and its inclusion in the metaverse as the fundamental concept of its business plan. Similarly, Microsoft has also revealed that it will enter the Metaverse space by acquiring Activision, a massive company in the gaming industry. 

However, irrespective of the gaming company and the focus on the metaverse, all gaming companies must address certain aspects if they want to succeed. Fils-Aimé suggests that every company must have the primary objective of providing engaging, compelling, creative, and fun-to-play games to consumers. The metaverse is a new advancement in technology, and huge gaming companies have not yet wholly entered the metaverse. Therefore, bringing forth innovation in gaming can prove to be a vital aspect of the company’s success. Nevertheless, Nintendo, Sony, and other large organizations will surely deliver quality games and live up to their names.